Wednesday, October 28, 2009

David, Sam, and Mary Jo on ABN This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

It's that time again! "Jesus or Muhammad" this weekend on ABN, with special guest Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity! Here's the schedule.

6:30 P.M.-9:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.

6:30 P.M.-9:00 P.M.
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.

6:30 P.M.-9:00 P.M.
10:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.

We look forward to calls from Muslims. (We expect to hear from Osama, but we would love to hear from WomanforTruth.)

To watch the program, simply visit ABN's website and click the third box on the right for live-streaming.


leviMichealathan said...

triple the guests; triple the days; triple the action!!!

MAY THE LORD GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH give the three of u wisdom; and may many come to JESUS this weekend!

MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT help u to speak clearly and accurately!

may satan aka islam (and other human philosophies) be put to shame!

david, IF osama phones, make sure to use only 25% of your brain; u don't want to work too hard!

GOD bless.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

May God continue to bless your contribution to the field of Christian-Muslim apologetics.

If you have not done so in the previous programs (I have not seen all of them), could you address the whole issue of women rights in Islam.

It just struck me after the two last bomb blasts in Pakistan, the one on the islamic university in Islamabad and the bomb blast today in Peshavar. As far as I know it is being speculated that the particular university was targeted since eighty percent of the students were women (anyone correct me if I am wrong). This might possible correspond to the bomb blast today, an area which included a women-only shopping centre.

I can't say at the moment that this is really the case, and someone please correct me if I am wrong about this, but if Taliban's first choice is to kill muslim women who leave the home to engage in shopping and education, does it not all boil down to the fact that these muslims (taliban) who tend to follow islam by the book deliberately choose to target women first due to their religion's trend to undermine females?

I find this utterly repulsive.

IslamSINS said...

Hurray for us!!!!!!! When I'm going through withdrawal (and NOT in the Muslims sense of the term), I'm reduced to the ABN video section to watch reruns, picking up bits of information I might have missed during the live broadcasts.

I'll be much in prayer that the Holy Spirit will be loosed and Muslims will begin a search for the salvation of Christ.

God bless your many efforts to reach out to these lost souls.

Nakdimon said...

That is actually some good news. David, do you know what the topix will be?

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

Hi, I posted a question on my blog about attitudes regarding Muslims wanting to convert to Christianity. If anyone would care to give me your thoughts, I would appreciate the insights.

Apologies for looking like I'm trying to hijack this thread. That is not my intention. :)

-Letitia (The Damsel)-

GreekAsianPanda said...

Excellent! I pray that through David, Sam, and Mary Jo the Holy Spirit will open the Muslims' hearts and move them to run from Islam and into the arms of Jesus.

sam said...

david wood

i was reading osama abdullas post on the topic regarding the bible promotes sex and virgins and etc on the site ANSWERING CHRISTIANITY. and he was claiming that the garden of eden was seperate from the earth aka WASTELAND. i thought to myself wow this guy doesnt knw his facts. U can read it for ur selves

Radical Moderate said...

Yeahh, we thought you were going to be on last weekend. Everyone was so disapointed.

Now all we need is for Nabeel to come on and you guys can be the fantasitc four.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


Be careful about Osama's website, the site was and is possible still virus loaded: that is the owner of the site (Osama or others) has the possibility to get access to and to attack the computers of those who access the site. I am still very reluctant to access his website. Hence it is best not avoid it entirely, spread the warning and not encourage anyone to access it.
If you have a spare computer with no vital information in it, fine, but otherwise I would avoid it.

Anthony Rogers said...

The Fat Man,

Well, if Nabeel goes on and makes it the Fantastic Four, then Osama-I-Hate-Christians-And-Curse-Them-To-Hell-Abdallah really needs to call in. What would an episode of the Fantastic Four be without an appearance of Doctor Doom?

ubiquitouserendipity said...

***OFF TOPIC*** but with a detroit/dearborn link:

ahhhh, beautiful, peaceful islam,,, the victims of the world.

this also may deserve it's own topic thread. an honest mohammedan:

things seem to be ramping up folks. maybe the fatman and i will get our wishes answered.

in the Name of G_d our Savior, Jesus Christ the righteous, i pray for those lost to the deception of mohammed. dear Father, soften their hearts, and open their eyes to the hate, the violence required, the barbarism of such a wicked belief system. in His Holy Name Jesus, amen

sam said...


thanks for the warning. i just cudnt cope with all the lies as i was reading the bible to figure out which scriptures they claim to be using there defense with the claims from there web site. wow not only Islam is a lie but the site itself is a virus. now its all coming into place. trogan virused site, deceived religion, lying muslims. i c the truth now lol

Radical Moderate said...

ubiquitouserendipity first a comment on the link you posted on the Johnny Jihad in Dearborn Michagan.

"Another ones gone and another ones gone another one bytes the dust. Hey abullah were going to get you to another one bytes the dust"

Now for the honest muslim youtube video you posted. This guy actualy has a whole youtube page. Check it out.

leviMichealathan said...

Semper Paratus said
The Fat Man,

Well, if Nabeel goes on and makes it the Fantastic Four, then Osama-I-Hate-Christians-And-Curse-Them-To-Hell-Abdallah really needs to call in. What would an episode of the Fantastic Four be without an appearance of Doctor Doom?


Fernando said...

Dear Simon...

justt some words off warning: the site off Osama Abdallah is a pandora box off virus... its true thate in the last weeks I habe been there withoutt any problems, buut I do beliebe thate thate is due to the factt thate in the University where I teach we have a new anti-virus... I do not know... justt be carefull: in the past everytime I went there I has my computter starting to blink likke a Christmas tree... and one time I was redirected to a porn site... so: take care...

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

The fat man said:

Now all we need is for Nabeel to come on and you guys can be the fantasitc four.

I say:

It’s obvious that Mary Jo is Susan Storm and Sam is Ben Grimm but I don’t know if David is Reed Richards or Johnny Storm.

Mostly it seems that Nabeel is the reserved brainy one and David can be the human torch at times especially when dealing with the like of Osama Abdulla.

However in the Dearborn sharia video I expected Nabeel to flame on at any second.

Seriously Guy’s I’ll be praying for you and for those who watch.


leviMichealathan said...

bro david, plz discuss the pagan roots of islam sumtime this WE.

does any1 know if baal, sin and allah r the same gods?

Ehteshaam Gulam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
minoria said...

Regarding chain of transmission,a subject brought up by Ehteshaam,I know most scholars reject the last gospel was really by JOHN himself.But the heart of the matter is that the strongest claim to its authenticity comes from IRENEUS:

1.He tells us himself he was a disciple of POLYCARP.

2.He tells us also POLYCARP was a disciple of JOHN.

3.Also that POLYCARP told him that JOHN had told him the gospel that he,Ireneus,knew,was written by John.

4.Polycarp was a saintly,sincere man.He was a martyr(the document "Martyrdom of Polycarp",was written only 1 year after his death).Historians don't doubt his sincerity.

5.We have a copy of John's gospel that is 90% complete and is from 180-200 AD(practically contemporaneous with Ireneus).In other words we can be sure the gospel read by him was the SAME as the one we have today.

6.So the isnad here is ONLY 1 generation removed from John:Ireneus tells us that Polycarp told him the gospel copy he had(which is the one we have)was really written by John.

7.Ehteshaam believes Jesus survived crucifixion.Let us give the isnad of Ireneus its full weight.JOHN 19:33-37 tells us:the soldiers did NOT break Jesus legs because he was dead but one of them pierced his side and "water and blood" came out.In ADDITION the text says "He who SAW this(the piercing of the side)has given testimony,and his testimony is TRUE,and he knows he says the TRUTH."


This is the proof Jesus was really dead.If he had not been then a transparent liquid"water" would not have come out.Or if still not yet dead the piercing to his lung would have killed him.The author takes the trouble to say it was eyewitnessed.

IslamSINS said...

Mary Jo, it is a treat to see you sitting/ministering to the Muslims. You're a beautiful voice for our Lord Jesus Christ. You, Nabeel, David, and Sam need your own program on ABN. :-)

Apollos26 said...

If Dr. Michael L. Brown would join them as a special guest that would be about the limit;D

God bless

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

hey Brian,

how's it going

You said

Don't give me quotes from Peter's letters... I don't believe a single word of that

I say:

Let me see if I understand you correctly so far you have made it clear that
You reject the gospels
You reject the Pauline epistles
you reject the general epistles

Yet you claim to follow Jesus

By that measure I can say I follow Mohamed.

I follow the Mohamed who was a Trinitarian Christian who taught others to love their enemies and that the only way to heaven was to trust in the sacrificial death of Jesus.

The teachings of Mohamed were lost forever when he died and bloodthirsty power hungry men substituted a forgery in their place. However If you look closely I can find traces of the original book in this corrupted text.

Please don’t give me quotes from the Quran or the hadiths all these were written down after his death and are therefore I reject them out of hand.

Do you see the circular nature of this kind of reasoning?


SD said...

I wanted to call in about this story:

A woman apparently stabbed her husband because he is not Islamic enough.

Her husband, the victim of the attack, claims she went out and drank alcohol on her own free will, and then confessed to her parents who then condemned the husband [probably as a non-muslim]/

The husband also claims she was having a hard time "adjusting to the American culture".

Very interesting story for the topic of women in Islam.

Whether or not she did things on her free will, her point is that she attacked him for being being a non-muslim.

The ironic part is her attacking of a non-muslim is within accordance to the qur'an. She is trying to be a devout muslim since her husband is not.

We see the two links I posted above, then you read the HuffPo piece to see the liberal whitewash. Beware the vile comments, too. "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM" is the prevailing intelligence on majority of post. Whitewash accomplished.

I would love to hear Brother David, Sister Mary, Brother Sam, or Brother Joseph comment on this story.

Fernando said...

Weel saide brother Fifth Monarchy Man... perhaps you can post yhese same comments in the next thread where Brianman=t_a_s also saide this things thate motivated your comment...

minoria said...

I heard a good part of the live broadcast where David and Mary Jo appeared on Sat and Sunday.Great job,it was a difficult subject as they had to go over many themes.And the callers had interesting opinions even if you didn't agree with them.Nice job.


I don't know if any of you have ever seen THE DEEN SHOW,a Muslim one.I don't think they have a program where one can call,though maybe I am wrong.Just go to

But unfortunately they also are with the intellectual illogicality of "Islamophobia".So I doubt they are serious about being 100% into the 21st century.Because of that I don't consider them to be real moderates,where MODERATE=believer in human rights(which includes freedom of speech to criticize Mohammed and the Koran).

Fifth Monarchy Man said...


how's it going brother.

Thanks for the kind comments

Sorry about misplacing my post to Brian here. I have reposted it where it should have been in the first place


faktb said...

Good show.

David, You are a wonderful debater and presenter. The information you present is wonderful and necessary.

The only recommendation I have is to please tone it down a little. You can come across as angry and aggressive. Maybe try talking as if you were addressing a dearly loved friend?

Thanks! God bless!

Royal Son said...

David is passionate about proclaiming the truth for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And the anger he has toward the evil of Islam is righteous anger.

May the Lord continue to bless His efforts.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

hey Faktb

I think the hardest thing to do is determine the tone to use with unbelievers.

Jesus spoke with the utmost patience and tenderness to those who were genuine seekers and he was blunt and passionate with those who only trying to trip him up and mislead others.

The situation for someone like David is compounded by the fact that seekers end up listening when he is addressing modern day “scribes”.

We can only hope that God will give discernment and pray that the Spirit will make up for his (and our) inevitable weaknesses.

The cool thing is that we can trust God to answer that prayer