Friday, September 4, 2009

Abu Mansour al-Amriki (formerly Omar Hammami) Wages Jihad

Notice the progression in this young man's life. (1) He was raised as a Baptist. (2) He converted to Islam. (3) In the aftermath of 9-11, he told newspapers he was shocked at the thought that Muslims could do such a thing, and that he was worried that there would be retaliation against Muslims. (4) He is now waging open Jihad and calling other Muslims to join him.

A week after the 9/11 attacks, a young Muslim at the University of South Alabama told the school's newspaper it was "difficult to believe a Muslim could have done this."

Now, eight years later, he is professing to launch attacks himself and calling on others to join the fight, as terror-related charges await him at home in Alabama, FOX News has learned exclusively.

Abu Mansour al-Amriki — or "The American" — has become one of the most recognizable and outspoken voices of terrorist propaganda.

He has been in war-torn Somalia for several years, fighting the secular government there with a group known as al-Shabaab, which has ties to Al Qaeda and was labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. government last year. Only recently has he taken on a starring — and jarring — role in al-Shabaab's outreach efforts. READ MORE.


Anonymous said...

this is so sad. religion is supposed to turn ppl into better persons and not to turn them into monsters. these fanatics should investigate their religions properly. imo christianity is more moral and human than islam, but still this doesnt mean that islam doesnt have its good points. misrepresenting a religion is wrong way of dealing with it . islam doesnt teach blowing oneself up everywhere and i have a feeling that islamic concept od jihad is totally misrepresented in the western societies. i am european so i can tell for europe. i dont know how the situation looks in the states. poor guy. thats all i have to say.

Krishnaraj said...

Now i cannot understand how christians can be so much "moral concious" while they believe in a God (Jesus is a part of this god) who ordered moses to kill all that breath and save all women who not know a man for them

numbers 31:17-18 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves

35 And thirty and two thousand persons in all, of women that had not known man by lying with him

mkvine said...

More and more we are seeing evidence that Islam can turn some people into radical extremists. Despite the claims of Muslims that Islam is a peaceful religion and that we should judge Islam based on its true teachings rather than base it on individuals, the Qur'an and Hadith do have clear passages that promote this kind of violence. For example, passages in the Qur'an such as 9:29; 9:123; and 47:4 orders Muslims to wage war against the disbelievers. So when Muslims say that we cannot judge a their religion based on the actions of a few individuals, rather, we have to judge it based on their doctrines, that't exactly the problem; their doctrines DO teach violence against the disbelievers.

Radical Moderate said...

Another example of someone who took the poison of islam a little at a time. He fed on it like an infant who takes his mothers milk from her breast a little at a time. Like yeast, only a tiny amount is needed to work its way through the doah, so does the toxin of islam work its way through the soul.

The muslim has grown up, he has been weened from his mothers breast, he has been fully baked in the oven and has been fully cooked. He is now ready for his virgins.

minoria said...

First,thanks to Fernando for correcting me about the writings on tombstones(epitaphs).

Hello Ilena:

Islam in sura 9:111 says literally that he who"KILLS or is KILLED"for Allah goes to heaven and that it is a promise to be found in the "TORAH,GOSPEL and KORAN".

Notice it says "kills for Allah".You do not even have to get killed to go to heaven if you kill for Allah.


JIHAD is STRUGGLE,struggle for God.So in 9:111 you get to heaven if you kill for Allah.That is what the text CLEARLY states.Also you get heaven if you get killed while struggling for Allah.

In Islam the ONLY real guarantee that one is assured of heaven
is the way shown in sura 9:111.

Ryan S said...

Ilena said...

"islam doesnt teach blowing oneself up everywhere and i have a feeling that islamic concept od jihad is totally misrepresented in the western societies."

It appears that Radical Muslims have no problem with its understanding!

You seem shocked that people can do these things which is sadly the product of secular humanism in European countries. Which brain washes people into thinking that all ideas or cultures are the same and you seem to think that everyone in the world thinks on a "resonable" level as yourself.

No I do not think Jihad is misrepresented at all, its a refusal to to admit it exsisits.

Here is a proverb
If it quacks like a Duck ,walks like a Duck and looks like a must be a Duck !

Fernando said...

Krishnaraj... thankes again about your false-claims...

about Numbers 31:17, here are just some off the therads thate in this same blogg habe answer the stupid inferences you are trying to imply:

and here's wahte I wrotte to Osama Abdallah aboutte this subject:

«About your quote of Numbers 31:7,17-18:

1) these were not the words off YHWH... it was Moses... and he did note justified them by the will of YHWH... and once again: Moses is not the paradigm to Christians who see in Jesus the New Moses...

More... this is a descriptive and historical passage, not, as you well knowe, a juridical or prescreptive one... it's not an example neither to Christians, nor to jews...

Yes... Moses ordered the kill of "zakar ba-ttap"... young boys (nott exactly children or "little ones" -- one is a young boy until he becames a youbg male adult --)

But nowhere Numbers 31:7,18 reveals anything of pedophilic attitude... "ha-ttap Bannashim" means young girls -- and one is a young girl until he becames a youbg adult woman --... not, as you, now, truly admits, not interpolling wordes eben when the word, ttap, is the same as before...

But eben if this was not the case (but it is...) nowhere in Numbers 31:7,18 is saide:

a) they killed them;
b) or eben they raped them...

its is said that they could take the girls who were not the cause of infidility towards YHWH (Numbers 31,16) by theire possetion as, one can cleraly read bie the words "asher hahayu": take theires life as yours... this is: respect them as you respect your lifes»

Krishnaraj... another trie? or are you simply used all the false-caims muslims use agains Christianity? hummm... I'l bee right here... better chance next try...

Krishnaraj said...

2 Samuel 12:8

"And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things."

Is this God The 'Father' of Jesus or a false God???

Dragostea said...


im amazed you brought this argument. If you would have read your quran then you would have found that Allah says that he is the one who killed and helped the jews kill the nations in Cannaan so Israel could come there and live there. Im amazed you you acuse you Allah for killing the people and for telling the jews to conquer the cities and kill the people that have been warned by Allah before...


Anonymous said...

hi minoria,

thnx for adressing my point.. i have read the quran and i also got the idea that allah only guarantees heaven to those who die on his way. but lets not forget one thing. islam teaches that its only accepable to kill some1 in a self-defense. so when muslims r attacked they have right to defend themselves. one muslim told me this abt jihad:
1) its inner struggle (still i faile to see how quran supports this view)
2)it means to protect ur religion.. if this is true, i dont have any kind of objections.

furthermore, i read some of ur posts minoria. and ill just use this opportunity to comment on ur view on honour killing in islam on the example of al khadir. we r christians and we have a certain bias when dealing with quran. i would also embrace ur interpretation, but this is what i found from 1 muslim. she says:

The child in the vision is a symbol for human passions and carnal desires, while the parents of the child represent the soul and the body which constitute a human being.

Slaying the child in the dream signifies restraining man's passions and wordly desires which if left uncontrolled can lead to rebellion and disbelief. And by subjugation of these urges and impulses man will experience spiritual birth which is the meaning of the verse " So we desired that their Lord would give them in exchange (a son) better in purity (of conduct) and closer in affection."

she doesnt belong to mainstream muslims, but to offshoot nabeel used to belong. if muslims interpreted those verses the way she did, i wouldnt have objection.

and now to ryhan.

i dont think that radical muslims r the representatives of the true islam. u seem to have ur arguments against the secularism in europe. hmm well, i am schocked at the fact ppl misrepresent their religion and do stuff religion doesnt teach. i dont think that all cultures r the same. no wayy.. i strictly oppose to sharia in europe. that barbaric sytem has no place in europe, which is built upon the idea of equailty and that the freedom of one individual ends there where the freedom of other individual beginns. for starters, we have more muslims than u do. to be more precise there r 50 mill of them here and we cannot pretend that they dont exist. due to this GB has 85 sharia courts for example. well islam is sth new in our societies and i think that we also need time to get used to it. it wouldnt be fair to judge islam unless we investigate it thorougly.
thnx and god bless

Anonymous said...

allah calls muslims to fight for him and he says that those who die will be rewarded. allah is god, so imo this doesnt have to mean "lead war with all nations until islam prevails", but strive/fight for a better society, humanity, moral stuff, better conditions.. this is also fighting for allah and his cause! god is good. he doesnt want wars, he wants peace. and of course that a person can also be killed when she/he fights for these causes i just the moment i am reading quran for the 2nd and i came to one of these fighting verses and this thing occurred to me. i think that many of us want to see evil in islam. by no way is islam more human than christianity imo, but this doesnt mean that it "sux".

Fernando said...

Hi Krishnaraj... are you trying to enter the Guiness Book of Records withe your ignorante claimes?

Whate aboutte 2 Samuel 12:8? Can you explain whate is the problem withe this text? The haren off a decised king went to his successor... likke is still done nowadays in muslim monarchies where the concubines off the older king are still raped by the new one eben when they habe more than 70 years off age... how romantic...

so: whate is the problem? This is nott, ounce again, a prescriptive account rather an historical one: when Israel, after the time off Judges, adopted this pratice from neighbouring kingdoms, and before YHWH rectified thate practice with a paedagogical actitude, thate was whate happened and that's why it«s saide thate God, admiting the monarchic institution in Israel, indirectdely, and provisionaly, admited thate practice in order to make the house of David realize thate thate was not the path to follow, not from an exterior mandacte, rather by a personal experience...

Krishnaraj... another trie? or are you simply used all the false-caims muslims use agains Christianity? hummm... I'l bee right here... better chance next try...

Adam said...

Peace and love of Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Form llena.
misrepresenting a religion is wrong way of dealing with it . islam doesnt teach blowing oneself up everywhere and i have a feeling that islamic concept od jihad is totally misrepresented in the western societies.

Dear llena, I hope you get an opportunity to discover islam as it is, and as it was. at the time of their prophet. For that you have to visit India or Pakistan.
Western societies are really good in treating muslims as human or citizens. Visit mohamadian dominated areas and you will discover the love of islam.
At some places as long as you are traditional Christians. They will tolerate you but the day you become a true believer and start preaching the gospel. Ha they will set your appointment with GOD.

I don’t hate Muslims, but I do hate wahabbis. They Are devil agent in disguise. I hope the one day the cult of Kaaba will be exposed.

Adam said...

Peace and love of Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Dear llena, thanx for educating us about the beauty of islam. Some years back even I was educated about the logic, science, wonders, art, History and maths in islam by the cult of Kaaba.
I am proud to be born in the great Indian Sub Continent. I come from the Land of Mahatma Gandhi. It was Gandhi who, inspired the great Martin Luther King of United States Of America. Do you know it was Our Lord Jesus, Who Inspired Mahatma Gandhi.

I heard about Muslim prophet called EESA, Whom they considered to Be Lord Jesus Christ. Then why don't they get inspired to Get Peace in muslim populated areas. I think mohamadian Palestinian don't even know Gandhi, Jesus or M.L. King. And I bet they will not allow them to know.

When muslim are minority they say islam is Peace but when they are in majority they will say we use violence to get peace. And while fighting for justice we defend and Kill or someone has to die.
When some innocent people die they say it was all Allah's will. Or may Allah grant them paradise and peace. Rather Father forgive us for we don’t know what we do.

Dear llena I will soon post my testimony and why I am on this blog.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...


You have got to learn to Google before you post. This kind of thing is beyond silly.If you did you would find somthing like this from the Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary


2Sa 12:8
I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives — The phraseology means nothing more than that God in His providence had given David, as king of Israel, everything that was Saul’s. The history furnishes conclusive evidence that he never actually married any of the wives of Saul. But the harem of the preceding king belongs, according to Oriental notions, as a part of the regalia to his successor.

End quote:

There are real concerns that could be brought up that Christian apologists needs to answer but you seem to be stuck at some sort of adolescent schoolyard level. No one will ever take you seriously until you get beyond this stuff.

Do a little research I promise in the end you will thank me.


Anonymous said...

dear adam,

thnx for talking to me. the thing is with islam that ppl mix it very often with their cultures and then try to sell that under islam. this is wrong. islam has nothing to do with spilling acid into ones face, like some ppl from bangladesh do. i think that good approach of dealing and trying to understand one faith is this one: look at faith and not ppl. perhaps i am wrong. but i cannot blame faith for the acts of some ppl if the faith strictly prohibits those acts! i am sorry u dont live in a more democratic society as europe is for example. indeed, here they have stuff we can only dream having in their societies.

"Do you know it was Our Lord Jesus, Who Inspired Mahatma Gandhi."

yes, but lets not forget that he also said: "i love ur jesus but i dont love ur christians!" sth to think abt.

"When muslim are minority they say islam is Peace but when they are in majority they will say we use violence to get peace. "

i hope this is wrong. still i dont know. i hope they will pick up european values and not force us to adapt to their way of living.

i am looking forward to reading ur testimony adam and i hope u have enough faith in jesus, so that u can bear easier hard life u seem to be having in ur country.

peace and love

minoria said...

Hello Ilena:

Thanks for your feedback.I think the present Muslim view is an attempt to DIMINISH what is CLEARLY written in the Koran.I know NO Muslim teacher says:"KILL for Allah and you go to heaven."


Again,in 9:111 it is that they are promised heaven if "they FIGHT in his cause,KILL and are KILLED"


If it said ONLY"they FIGHT in his cause,and are KILLED" you can say it.A pacifist who is killed by evil people.But "fight" and "kill" together make it clear it is NOT a spiritual fight here.


That is the clear meaning,nothing about DYING.But as I said before the Muslim teachers found that too much,so they IGNORED it.But ignoring it does not mean the text does not clearly state it.


And the text is the REAL ISLAM,the pure Islam.
Do you see the idea:TRUE Islam says in the Koran:"heaven is for you if you FIGHT and KILL,for Allah."The thing is that it was Too Much for the Muslims,so they Ignore it,but it is THERE,in the TEXT.

minoria said...

Hello Ilena:

I know you will agree with me in this:

1.GOOD=HUMAN RIGHTS(based on the Golden Rule/Ethic of Reciprocity)


And you believe in 1 and 2.

But most Muslims can not adhere to 1 and 2.How many Muslims who know of the Riqa case have said:"A Muslim can leave Islam anywhere in any country with no persecution or death and I agree with it"?

None,neither Ehteshaam,Seymour,etc.So if YOU had been born a Muslim and had left it then you would have been on your own.


Ask the Muslims you know if they are 100% for freedom of speech and religion,leave Islam,convert others to other religions,even the right to criticize Mohammed and the Koran...with no punishments at all.I hope they say yes.Try it.And say it INCLUDES the Muslim countries.

Krishnaraj said...

Hey Fifth Monarchy Man and Others.

Thanks for your answers.Maybe I am at school level and not upto your level of intellegence.

Well, All I want is to know the truth. I have my own doubts..I wants answers to it.

Christians are supposed to be more kind hearted..although we ask stupid questions...rather than rebuking me to be stupid and things like that.

Well,I assume people out here to be better in knowing the Bible than me..and that is the only reason I am posting here.

I am not posting things to put Christianity down..if I needed that I'd rather post in other forums where people would better accept me.

Maybe you would say I have to google times I dont get what i expect...

Thanx Anyways..and I request you Christians to be kinder..and this is a humble reguest

Adam said...

Peace and Love of Lord Jesus Christ be you all.

Dear llena Gandhi said: "i love ur jesus but i dont love ur christians!" sth to think abt.

Yes I know why He said this. The Christians whom he said were White Europeans. As he had seen the contrast of the so called followers of Jesus and the experience he had with Europeans in South Africa and U.K.

Many years ago we had similar problem, Christianity was associated with European, wine-Swine diet etc. But this image changed. As today Hindus are curious why do these cross bearers take insult and not react. Who is this Yeshu (Jesus).

Few Hindus may not like Christians but Majority of them Love Jesus Christ. India is the land where Christianity is the fastest growing. People risk their lives, property and everything for Christ. It would be hard for you in material European society to except this.

The problem is not with Muslims but the real problem is with islam. My problem is not with Muhammad but Muhammad interpretation of Jesus. I don’t have problem Saudi Arabia but with the black stone Kaaba the house of islamic GODs.

Many times I disguise as a muslim to know what do muslim think of non muslims, democracy, philosophies. I have met a group who showed their sympathy during the Islamic terror movement in Mumbai 26/11. Later on the way back home, these men said well they killed people who were un islamic and wrong doers.
Another classic example is of Dr. Zakir Naik. When he is in india he preaches islam is all about peace etc etc. But when he is in Saudi or Pakistan he speaks in a different tone about islamists and the real islam.
Today he also been running away to face Christian Apologists across the globe.

Fernando said...

Krishnaraj... I feel some pain in your words... some paine that might habe been inflicted, perhaps, bie some off mie words... notice, nevertheless, thate I never pointed a finger at your person, rather to your arguments thate habe been placed here bie persona like Osama Abdallah (for instance) manie times always withe the same result, showing:

1) how ignorante he was;
2) how unwilling to see the truth he was (he neber took from his site those claimes);

notice thate I wrote «stupid inferences» and «ignorante claimes»... butt I'll bee eben more attentious in the future... and do beliebe I'm right here to see your questions... I do think you take them from some anti-Christian sites, butt to me thats OK... I woulde rather want you to read the Bible than do thate, butt nevertheless do continue to place them here...

May God bless you and your family...

minoria said...

Hello Adam:

Your experiences with Muslims are interesting.I think thye show a real conflict in the hearts of some,though not all,Muslims.

For example MARK GABRIEL has written that when university students in Al-Azhar learn about the details of Mohammed(the negative ones)there are 2 reactions:

1.One group begins to really doubt Islam.
2.Another becomes even more hardened in their belief.

As I said before,you can believe whatever you want but as long as the freedom of speech right is not violated.


The first is that all the Western newspapers and all the schools should teach BASICS:

1.Say clearly ISLAM is only a set of beliefs.

1.ISLAMOPHOBIA or to critique Mohammed and the Koran is LEGITIMATE,part of FREEDOM OF SPEECH,one of our 4 HUMAN RIGHTS

3.ISLAMOPHOBIA is NOT in any way a crime.

4.ISLAMOPHOBIA is not RACISM(there are people who actually believe it)

5.To condemn the Muslim organizations that speak against Islamophobia.To show that they are being anti-human rights,anti-freedom of speech,that they kow it and are using dissimulation.


Most Muslims,because of fear of hell,I think,see the logic of the above,but they cannot accept it.So there is a clash of civilization.The reason is that for them GOOD=ISLAM(set of beliefs that get you to heaven).



To criticize ISLAM=criticize GOOD.Then since ISLAM=GOOD=Message from Allah,then:

Criticize Islam=criticize message of Allah(which is the way to heaven)=being AGAINST Allah=EVIL

And EVIL in SHARIAH LAW(laws of Allah) is PUNISHED as a CRIME.

Anonymous said...

hi minoria,

i looked at ur post concerning jihad. i agree with ur interpretation bc in this case both the preceding or following verse dont explain this one. still islam says that killing 1 person is like killing the whole mankind. i dont think their god would love that they kill for him when he already said them this. (or to be more realistic, muhammad got this stuff from talmud :D) i am not here to defend islam. i dont believe in islam. i am christian. i just think that we have to be more objective when it comes to islam.

now ur 2nd post.. hmmm lets not forget that sharia doesnt equal do human rights. i think that all of u can agree with me on this one. currently i am living in a flat with 3 muslims. theyre all european muslims. one of them is very religious and very good person. but i asked her once if she agreed that apostates of islam had to be killed in a sharia ruling country and she said yes with no hesitation. i was really shocked and her only explanation was: " well look , they r born in the country with 99% of muslims and now they wanna belong to 1% of other ppl. i wouldnt only kill the apostate once, but twice. " i was really left speechless bc this is not the person born and raised in aphganistan but in europe. and ur right. they simply detest when one says sth against either quran or muhammad. come on, its ridiculous for us christians to believe that he was the best man who walked the earth. still, theyre free to believe otherwise...
tnx for ur post

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Hey Krishnaraj,

You said:

Christians are supposed to be more kind hearted..although we ask stupid questions...rather than rebuking me to be stupid and things like that.

I say:

I criticized your lack of research not your lack of intelligence.

I did not rebuke you for being stupid I rebuked you for silly arguments.

You said:
Well,I assume people out here to be better in knowing the Bible than me..and that is the only reason I am posting here.

I say:

If that is the case why do you phrase your “questions” the way you do? Why not just ask what we Christians make of such and such a text?

Do you really expect that Christians have not seen these verses before and dealt with the alleged problems in them?

Be honest krishnaraj did you come across those passages yourself or did you get them from someone else?

You say:
I am not posting things to put Christianity down..if I needed that I'd rather post in other forums where people would better accept me.

I say:

If you are interested in dialogue why not address the issues being discussed in the thread instead of posting your drive by style arguments?

If you do have genuine questions about what we believe or how Christians read a particular text I and I’m sure others here will be happy to answer them but to throw out an out of context verse and expect us to question our faith is just silly.

If I were to post some obscure apparent “hard saying” from the Quran or the hadiths out of the blue in the middle of a conversation of the relationship of the Trinity to Tawheed what would you think?

Maybe you should ask yourself what an informed Christian would say about a particular passage in question. If you honestly don’t know then ask but don’t assume that somehow you have discovered some secret writing in our scripture that puts Christianity in a bad light that no Christian has thought about for two thousand years.

You say:

Thanx Anyways..and I request you Christians to be kinder..and this is a humble reguest

I say:

I sorry that I came across as unkind it was not my intention

I promise my responses to you are an effort to be kind to you. I’m trying to help you . It would be very unkind for me to let you continue to think that anyone will take such weak arguments seriously. that would will only set you up for a bigger embarrassment later on.

Why don’t you do some research and listen to some debates here get an idea of what the actual issues are between us and what Christians actually believe? Or better yet why don’t you ask yourself what it is about the claims of Christianity that bothers you personally and why?

And at the same time think about what it is about Islam that Christians can’t accept.

If you do these things I think it will make your experience a lot more pleasant and productive

In the future I will try to be gentler in the tone of my responses to you.


Fernando said...

Ilena: yes, the qur'an says thate «killing 1 person is like killing the whole mankind» (5:32), butt in the next verse it says to «execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides» everyone who does nott want to bee a muslim (5:33)... someone who woulde listen to someone speaking about these nowadays (this total change off mind) coulde beliebe he was in front off someone who suffered from bipolar paranoia... "person" is, therefore, to bee correctedely understood as a "muslim"... something as hearing that islam forbides the killing the inocent, butt neber saying thate innocents are only muslims... we habe to bee bery carefull with wath islam trully says...

Radical Moderate said...

Fernando, Ilena

The verse in 5:32 is just another example of how mohamed plagerized from the Talmud. That saying is taken right out of the Jerselum Talmud. However the next verse is a Allah/Mohamed orginal. Its all Islam

" The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;"

Chennai Man said...

Adam said...

I hope the one day the cult of Kaaba will be exposed.

Mr.Adam your voice looks someone like Hitler, isn't it? see how christianity made you as fascist.

Fernando said...

ashraf... now I'm getting worried... how is thate saying thate, like Adam saide, «I hope the one day the cult of Kaaba will be exposed» is being like Hitler?...

coulde you explaine us all? or are you just wanting to be rude? I do not beliebe in such, butt onlie you can tell us... where is the problem? in the word cult, Kaaba, exposed? Where?

Adam said...

Peace and love of lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Ashraf Miya, Ramzan Mubarak!
Truely Truely I say to you one day the cult of Kaaba will be exposed.

Adolf Hitler, True patriotic leader. The German Dictator, Nazi Cult Founder, United the Nordic race, Successful Military leader, Propagated Nazi German supremacy, created Mass Nazi Followers, Jew murderer, Christian Hater, Non Aryan (Nordic) destroyer, Womanizer etc.

Similarly personality like Hitler was exposed and was put to rest.

Muhammad True prophet of islam. The Arab Dictator, Cult of Kaaba Founder, United the Arab race, Successful Military Leader, Propagated islamic Arab supremacy, created Mass islamic Followers, Jew murderer, Christian Hater, Non Arab muslim destroyer, Womanizer etc.

The great Quiz
After death when Muhammad and Adolf Hitler meet what will thinking of?

a) Hitler will say, “Sorry Lord God actually this pervert Muhammad, who came before me influence me. So deal with him first.”

b) Muhammad will say, “I don’t believe in the God of Israel the creator of Universe as we are Pagan and Kaaba is our house of Allah, so I’m not afraid of anything.”

c) The God of Israel the creator of Universe is the true God; hence we could not wipe the Jewish race.

d) Lord Jesus Christ forgives us, for we are sinners.

minoria said...

Hello Ilena:

Thank you for thinking about my ideas.They are not original,many have said them before.

I was shocked by your experience with the religious Muslim but not too much.If you have been INDOCTRINATED then there is a 5% chance you will get out of it.


Before in the US South,from 1870-1970,almost all whites were racist.INDOCTRINATION.Jesus said:"Pour NEW WINE(new ideas)into NEW WINESKINS(children and people not yet indoctrinated)for if you pour NEW WINE into OLD wineskins,the wineskins will break and pour on the floor."

No matter what arguments you used,they would never have been convinced to reject racism.

The same with most Muslims.Nothing can be done about it except alert Westerners to the reality and the why of it.


1.The best thing is for you to educate your famiy and Western friends,especially that "Islamophobia" is ok for X reasons(it is part of freedom of speech).

2.Use the example of RACISM(everybody is at least offically against it) and how human rights are violated due to Sharia(but based not on race,but on being non-Muslim).


I think the majority are ok with the discrimination they receive under Sharia.They don't agree with Western feminists.Why?Again,INDOCTRINATION.Almost nothing can be done.

But the NON-MUSLIMS in MUSLIM countries have never been INDOCTRINATED in their homes,THEY are 100% with human rights.THEY should receive top priority as immigrants to the West:for humanitarian and pragmatic reasons.

Radical Moderate said...

Adam said...
Adulf Hittler was a womanizer. I have to correct you on that Adulf was not a womanizer.

Secondly Adulf Hittler loved children and animals. See he wasnt all bad :)

minoria said...

Ehteshaam in his debate with Mary Jo said historians rejected the TESTIMONIAN FLAVIUM as a forgery.True,meaning the text that has come to us.But 75% of Josephus scholars(including its greatest)accept a modified version as authentic.


The GREATEST scholar on Josephus is LOUIS FELMAN and he accepts it but taking out what are obvious Christian interpolations. And Feldman is not Christian, he is JEWISH. He told Michael Licona that THREE out of FOUR Josephus scholars accept the modified version, or 75%.


It is because the JAMES PASSAGE comes AFTER and that passage and it would be incomprehensible without a prior explanation of who that Jesus mentioned was: " James, brother of Jesus, the one called the Messiah. "



" Now there was about this time JESUS, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure.

He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles. He was the Christ, and when PILATE, at the suggestion of the principal men among us, had condemned him to the CROSS, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day; as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. And the TRIBE of CHRISTIANS so named from him are not extinct at this day. "

minoria said...


They are the late ROBERT FUNK and J. D. CROSSAN, the founders of the JESUS SEMINAR. Also the most famous JEWISH scholar on Jesus, the Hungarian-born GEZA VERMES, and of course LOUIS FELDMAN. Also the most famous FEMALE JEWISH scholar on Jesus PAULA FREDRIKSON. And Jewish scholar PAUL WINTER, and secular scholar E.P. SANDERS. In her book JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS, page 249, Paula Fredrikson says:

" Most scholars currently incline to see the passage as basically authentic, with a few later insertions by Christian scribes. "


" At this time there appeared JESUS, a WISE MAN. For he was a DOER of STARTLING DEEDS, a TEACHER of people who receive the truth with pleasure. And he gained a following among many Jews and among many of Gentile origin.

And when PILATE, because of an accusation made by the leading men among us, condemned him to the CROSS, those who had loved him previously did not cease to do so. And up until this very day the TRIBE of CHRISTIANS, named after him, has not died out. "

minoria said...
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minoria said...


JOSEPHUS (37-100 AD)was NOT a contemporary of Jesus.He never saw him,he lived a generation later.His passage is too late to have validity.


JOSEPHUS was 25 years old(not 6,8,or 10)in 62 AD.The year JAMES,head of the Jerusalem Church,half-brother of Jesus,one of the 3 top leaders of the Jesus movement,was killed.In fact he wrote about his death.Josephus was an adult.


So JAMES was a Christian leader in Jerusalem for almost 30 years...the time Josephus was growing up.Josephus certainly lived at the SAME TIME PERIOD as JAMES.


JAMES was an EYEWITNESS to Jesus' career.And Josephus and James:

1.Lived in the same time period,and
2.Lived in the SAME CITY,Jerusalem.


JAMES as not a MARGINAL figure,he was:a)the HEAD of the Jerusalem Church,and b)the half-brother of Jesus.


To believe the ORAL INFORMATION(hearsay)got by JOSEPHUS(Jesus died on cross,by Pilate,with the help of the Jewish leaders)taking into consideration all the details given above,under the situation,is to be said to be UNRELIABLE is not convincing.How could Josephus got the "died on cross by Pilate with Jewish leader's help" oral information COMPLETELY wrong if James was living in the same city,was the head leader,eyewitness to Jesus' career,etc.?Of course not.

Fernando said...

Dear brother minoria... yes I remember Ehteshaam saying thate «Josephus can NOT be trusted because he was only repeating HEARSAY»... and there all islam desapears... the qur'an cannot be trusted beccause its hears saying (from muhammad) and the hadiths cannot be trusted because they are all hear saying chain for more than 9 decades before starting being written... so: ths same arguments used by Ehteshaam destroy is faith... that's why the Muslim Phantom sayies Ehteshaam is doing a bad job to islam...

minoria said...

Hello Brother Fernando:

Thank you for the input.And also thanking Ilena since now I have come to know another human-rights fighter,MARYAM NAMAZIE,ex-Muslim and atheist from Iran.She is showing we who are for human rights are not alone.


25% of Josephus scholars do not accept the TESTIMONIUM FLAVIUM,but in the same book,and in a later part is the JAMES PASSAGE,which says how he was killed and has "James,brother of Jesus,the one called the Messiah".


Virutally all scholars,Josephus and not,accept THAT as authentic.Only like 2 or 4 reject it.The CONSENSUS is almost complete.In a CONSENSUS at least 95% of acholars have to agree.


Again,JOSEPHUS and JAMES lived in the same time period,Josephus was 25 when James was killed,they lived in the same city,James was no marginal figure,but the head of the Christians there,and brother of Jesus.

Assuming Josephus in "James,brother of Jesus,the one called the Messiah" is only repeating hearsay(maybe they even met,living in the same city)to think the ORAL INFORMATION given by Josephus here is unreliable (under the circumstances given by me)is not convincing.


With PAUL in his letters that he PERSONALLY met JAMES,brother of Jesus we have ATTESTATION from an ex-enemy.

With Josephus we have non-Christian attestation that:

1.James existed
2.He was a brother of a man considered by some as the Messiah
3.The brother was called then by logic Jesus existed(due to the evidence from Paul and Josephus)

Adam said...


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