Friday, August 21, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi Receives Hero's Welcome in Libya

The only man convicted of killing 270 innocent people (most of them Americans) in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 has been released after serving eight years of his sentence. Since he is dying of cancer, Scottish courts decided to return al-Megrahi to Libya, where he received a hero's welcome.

Did anyone notice all the Muslim protestors who were booing al-Megrahi, condemning terrorist attacks, and shouting that Islam is a religion of peace? Neither did I.


Adnan Khalil said...

I'm curious, is there any conclusive proof that he is guilty?

Haecceitas said...

"Did anyone notice all the Muslim protestors who were booing al-Megrahi, condemning terrorist attacks, and shouting that Islam is a religion of peace? Neither did I."

Good point. However, are you sure that he's being portrayed to the people of Libya as a real terrorist, rather than someone who had been unjustly sentenced to prison as an innocent man?

Yahya Snow said...

David Wood

You should rather ask:

Did anybody notice that this man appears to be a scapegoat and the whole of Libya may know this, hence the warm welcome he received...

Did anybody notice that there is no evidence which is conclusive which links him to the crime?

I am listening to George Galloway's radio show, Galloway (UK member of parliament, no less!) also appears to think he is innocent!

Also ponder upon what Haecceitas said "However, are you sure that he's being portrayed to the people of Libya as a real terrorist, rather than someone who had been unjustly sentenced to prison as an innocent man?"

I guess these questions/points all get in the way of your agenda, David.

May Allah help the families of the disaster and may Allah keep the Muslims safe from extreme Christians who are looking to demonize Muslims. Ameen.

Also may Allah expose the the extremist Christians who are looking to demonize Muslims. Ameen.

David, for your sake, I just hope you are not in that category :)


Defending Islam at:

Unknown said...

Criminals against the world are are islamic heroes !!

So we can rephrase it, Islamic heroes (with Muhammed bein the top) are World Criminals !!

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Lol, truly I did not ever think that David and Nabeel would steep down to an all time cheap! They as usual have proven themselves as those who can break my expectations though.

We Muslims need not be apologetic for something carried out at the bequest of Colonel Qaddafi (who ironically enough still hasn't promoted himself to General yet) who has openly called to remove the Sunnah of the Prophet and replace it with his little green book, who's third universal theory is the biggest abomination and heresy.

So Mr. Wood, I feel neither obliged nor particularly bothered with condemning something that has literally nothing to do with me.

Needless to say, Colonel Qaddaffi does not represent me and in fact represents Louis Farrakhan in the U.S as well as all the White Nationalist groups he funded in the U.K during the 1980s more than he does Islam.

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow said
"May Allah help the families of the disaster and may Allah keep the Muslims safe from extreme Christians who are looking to demonize Muslims. Ameen."

First it wasnt a disastor, it was a Terrorist attack, or in your language a Ghazwa. Second the only peope who demonize muslims are muslims like yourself.

Yahya Snow and other muslims questoin if there is any proof that he is guilty. There was enough proof for a judge or Jury to find him guilty.

Yahya Snow appeals to George Galloway. A man who I believe is under inditment in the US for lying to Congess. A man who used the sufferig of the Iraqi people to satiate his own greed and make himself rich under the Oil for Food scam.

I must say when I first heard they were going to release this Mujahadeen for compasionate reasons. I actualy didnt see a problem with it. He only has 3 months to live, those last three months are going to be extreamly painfull. So does it matter were he suffers? But after seeing the warm welcome and response from other muslims I have to say I no longer support compasionate release for any Mujahadeen.

Fernando said...

Lests satrt counting yahya Snow offenses:

# 1: Yahya Snow said: «may allah keep the muslims safe from extreme Christians who are looking to demonize Muslims»... yeep; that's a problem only to those who ignore that islam, eben in it's more "tolerant" or "moderat" dimention is the religion thate demonizes eberyone thate is non-muslim... double satandars and utter hipocrizy... telling the truth is only demonizing is the persons are, indeed, behabing as demons... now we see the truthe...

Fernando said...

Hi Yahya Seimour... hoe are you? Bery weel, I hoppe... Pur mutual friend, Asman ibn Sulayman sett me this hadithe thate confirms thate muslims are allowed to robber and all sort off illegal sexual intercourses (and we all know whate are "illegal" sexual intercourses, dont' we?...) and eben go to eben iff he says the shahada when is deing... don't you agree thate this explaines a lott aboutte islam? I thinke so...

«Narrated Abu Dhar: allah's apostle said, "Someone came to me from my Lord and gave me the news that if any of my followers dies worshipping none along with allah, he will enter Paradise." I asked, "Even if he committed illegal sexual intercourse and theft?" He replied, "Even if he committed illegal sexual intercourse and theft» (Bukhari 2.329)

happy Rmadan to all muslims and do try to follow muhammad's examples...

B said...

probably the Libyans cheering don't believe that the man actually committed the crime. Where is the evidence to show that they all believe he committed the crime and yet still declare him a hero?

nma said...

Yahya Snow,

May Allah help the families of the disaster and may Allah keep the Muslims safe from extreme Christians who are looking to demonize Muslims. Ameen.

There is no need to demonize Islam (not Muslims). Islam is a demonic relgion and it is Satan who recited the Quran to the false prophet Mohammed.

minoria said...

I don't think David and Nabeel are demonizing Muslims.It is because of extra information I know.How can I explain myself?

They are referring to a general trend.It can be verified.But Haceitas has a good point that the Libyan people may have been hoodwinked.


He is the president of Sudan.In the last 5 years he has been responsible for the deaths of 250,000 in Darfur.By chance they are Muslim.How many Palestinians have been killed in all?I think around 10,000 in some 40 years.


He is the FIRST person in history to be condemned by the International Court while IN POWER as a criminal for crimes against humanity.It was this year.

It means all countries are obliged to arrest him.If he ever goes to Ghana,Brazil,the US,France,etc,they have to arrest him on the spot.To take him to trial,like they did to MILOSEVIC,SADDAM HUSSEIN.


But the Organization of Islamic States has declared that none of its members will arrest him.So as long as he travels to one of those countries he has nothing to fear.

That is politics.What is surprising is that Muslim organizations in the West are not actively campaigning for his arrest.CAIR and ISNA(Islamic Society of North America) and countless imams in the West give far more importance to caricatures satirizing Mohammed or if a certain company forbids women to wear the headscarf.


They are the LEADERS of the Muslims in the West.They INFLUENCE their people.And they have.They have diminished their conscience.That is why you see no massive protests by Muslims in the West against Bashir and for his arrest.


Once I pointed out in the internet that:

1.When a NON-MUSLIM group oppresses MUSLIMS,then Muslims protest.

2.When a MUSLIM group oppresses NON-MUSLIMS,Muslims are indifferent in general.

3.When a MUSLIM group oppresses and even slaughters MUSLIMS,then Muslims rarely protest.

It is ONLY when a non-Muslim does something against a Muslim(or is perceived as doing it,even if it is not) ,that there is any real protest by Muslims in general.That is verifiable.You see it all the time.

A Muslim responded emotionally that that was wrong,with what right did Muslims kill other Muslims and no Muslim protested,cared.He said he had written on the spur of the moment and to forgive his mode of expression.At the time I did not notice it but later I did that he said nothing about Muslims oppressing non-Muslims and that it was wrong.

BLOOD ON MY HANDS AND THE BOOK "The Cartoons that Shook the Word"(2009) by JYTTE KLAUSEN

Recently Yale University has published a book on the Mohammed cartoons,abouts "the cartoons that shook the world".Yet they refused to have pictures of the cartoons in the book.When asked how they can have a book about the cartoons that shook the world without showing readers the cartoons,people were told by those responsible that they did not want to be responsible for future deaths because of it.They literally used the phrase "blood on my hands".


They know an employee of theirs or the author,a university professor,or somebody,the publisher,etc could get killed.It is SELF-CENSORSHIP.I think that is why the media (newspapers,tv channels,magazines,radio programs) in general refuses to make doumentaries about the 4 Islamic schools that approve of death for apostasy,or that Mohammed 7X in Bukhari says to kill apostates,or the Aisha story(4X in Bukhari,3X in Muslim).They are afraid one of their own will get killed.

Yahya Snow said...


A Muslim may say the the same thing about whoever changed the teachings of Jesus (of Unity) to the falsehood that is the Trinity.
So calling people and religions Satanic gets us nowhere.

Think about it.

I was surprised to see such a comment from you as you have struck me to be one of the more reasonable Christians on here. I guess this forum affects us all. Perhaps it is evidence that this site's anti-Islamic agenda is influencing Christians.

May Allah guide us all. May Allah help us to utilize our time better and in more productive avenues. Ameen

Fernando said...

More offenses gfrom Yahya Snow: «whoever changed the teachings of Jesus (of Unity) to the falsehood that is the Trinity»... they just keep on comming... can you present any proff thate this happened? This is: thate someone changed or distorted the teachings off Jesus? Or thate the teachings off Jesus were nott aboutte one divinne in which subsists three upostasis? Or are you simply wantting to bee offensive? I think you're, butt, nevertheless, I'll see iff you present ANY evidence off this statement...

for anythingue we can say itt was muhammad thate distorted all the previous revelations and invented a new one thate is nott consusbtatnated neither from an historical or theological perspectives...

I'm trying as hard as I can to take you serius, butt you're more and more following a pathe thate other muslims follow all ober the world... and you do know which path is tjis, do you not?

Take care in this your special mounth for you muslims...

nma said...

Yahya Snow,

You said:A Muslim may say the the same thing about whoever changed the teachings of Jesus (of Unity) to the falsehood that is the Trinity.
So calling people and religions Satanic gets us nowhere.

Most Muslims, if not all, beleive that. I think most Christians believe that Islam is Satanic and Mohammed was a false prophet.

Chennai Man said...

Hi nma,

do you know the prime motive of satan? i will tell you, the motive of satan is diverting human being from worshipping god and associating partners to god. please tell me biblically is it true or not? if it is true who is telling god is three and god has mother,god has uncle and etc..

so my dear nma please think about yourself you are the one following satan by the name of christianity, please change your path brother, don't associate partners to the god almighty.

minoria said...


A British author who has recently written a book.To do it he read the Koran for the first time and he said(quoting form

"He said the Islamic holy scripture was a "one-dimensional book" that has little literary value, and added that when compared with the Bible its message seemed "barren".
Faulks, who is known for his meticulous research, has recently read a translation of the Koran to help him write his latest novel, A Week in December, to be published in September.
Unlike his previous historical works, such as Birdsong and Charlotte Gray, his new offering is set in contemporary London.
The cast of characters include the wife of Britain's youngest MP, a female Tube driver, a hedge fund manager and a Glasgow-born Islamic terrorist recruit named Hassan al Rashid.
It was during research for al Rashid that he began delving into the Koran, which Muslims believe to be divine guidance passed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.
In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Faulks said: "It's a depressing book. It really is. It's just the rantings of a schizophrenic. It's very one-dimensional, and people talk about the beauty of the Arabic and so on, but the English translation I read was, from a literary point of view, very disappointing." [...]
"With the Koran there are no stories. And it has no ethical dimension like the New Testament, no new plan for life."
And in a move that is likely to anger many Muslims, he calls into question the worth of Muhammad.
"Jesus, unlike Muhammad, had interesting things to say. He proposed a revolutionary way of looking at the world: love you neighbour, love your enemy, be kind to people, the meek shall inherit the Earth. Muhammad had nothing to say to the world other than, 'If you don't believe in God you will burn forever.'" "


I am telling this story to show SAMI ZAATARI's claim that a MINORIY can not impose itself is incorrect.More to come

minoria said...


"Embarrassingly abject dhimmitude from the man who just days ago was saying that the Koran had "no ethical dimension," was "a depressing book," and was "very one-dimensional," and who even suggested that Muhammad was schizophrenic. If someone wrote that about the Bible and Jesus today, he would be invited to all the best dinner parties and maybe get a nice foundation grant. But say it about the Koran, and unless you have a bit of spine you will soon be bowing and scraping just like this, in the face of the stealth jihadist smear and intimidation machine:

"Sebastian Faulks: The book I really can't put down," by Sebastian Faulks in the Telegraph, August 24:

[...] When, with some excitement, I first read the Koran last year as research for my novel, I confess that I was disappointed by it. Raised as a child on the exciting stories of the Old Testament and inspired by the revolutionary teachings of the New, I had, perhaps naively, expected something comparable. The Koran has lovely passages, some of which inspire my character Farooq in the novel, but I did find it, from a literary point of view, repetitive.
As for whether it is ethically less developed than the New Testament, a Muslim friend put it to me like this: "You must compare like with like. Compare it to the Old Testament."

That is a fair point. I fully accept that the ethical dimension of modern Islam has been provided by generations of scholars and thinkers over many centuries; it was perhaps too much to expect to find it embedded from the word "Go" – to expect, in other words, that the Koran would be two books, two testaments, in one.

While we Judaeo-Christians can take a lot of verbal rough-and-tumble about our human-written scriptures, I know that to Muslims the Koran is different; it is by definition beyond criticism. And if anything I said or was quoted as saying (not always the same thing) offended any Muslim sensibility, I do apologise – and without reservation.

It was never my intention to offend my Muslim friends or readers, and if you read my novel I think you will see how I have shown the positive effects of the Koran on a kind and typical Muslim family. The family son, Hassan, falls in with bad men and is misled. I can't tell you without spoiling the story whether goodness prevails; but if it does, it is considerably due to the love of his devout parents....

Of course, the Prophet Mohammed was the most prodigious of all voice-hearers, and as Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, noted yesterday, he has often been accused of being "possessed". Sometimes the words of the Koran do have a slightly ranting rhythm to them – though this may be due to the translation, and Arabic has a different natural intonation from English.

But to me the idea that anyone could have achieved what the Prophet achieved in military and political – let alone religious – terms while suffering from an acute illness of any kind seems completely absurd. I believe that only a healthy and lucid person could have achieved what he did – and I am very happy to make that belief clear....

Oh, it's crystal clear.

Interesting title, also: "The book I really can't put down." I doubt he means that he finds the Koran so gripping that he can't stop reading it. He means he can't denigrate it. He can't put it down. Even if he wants to. Because he is afraid of the consequences -- either death threats or the opprobrium of polite society that routinely denigrates Christianity but finds Islamorealism "bigoted," or both."