Friday, August 7, 2009

IT'S OVER ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, our "Sharia in the US" video just hit a million views after only five weeks. Here it is in case you missed it.

I guess the next milestone is a billion.


ubiquitouserendipity said...

only because this is one of theeee most vital ministries in the world. why do i say the world, you may query,,, because the "greatest" moslem "thinkers, intellectuals, jurists," wouldn't dare debate you in a western country where their religious restraints regarding defaming mohammed would not be a factor. they can't stand the heat of the light of truth. G_d bless you guys, your ministry, and your beloved families. keep up the noble search of truth. Peace, in His love, papajoe

Dragostea said...

wow..1 million already ???
good job guys, you are really an inspiration for me...well, right now ive been banned and kicked out from an islamic forum just because i was exposing them with love, very polite actually, but i just couldnt help my seld not posting a smiling face on my response when they tried to explain why you have to dip both wings of a fly in your drink if the fly fells sure you know the hadith about this, and mohammad explaing his reason by saying that on one wing is poison and on the other wing is the the muslims tried to respond me giving me "the example" with the venom of a snake and the anti-venom...they were saying that both come from inside the, tell me, esspecially you nabeel, how can i not laugh at such a smart comment...they knew something about the anti-venom but "some" was stupid enough...

anyway, keep up the good work
God is good

Bfoali said...

your debate with Osama Abdullah is up on his site. Incase you havent gotten the video youself yet.

Haecceitas said...

Congratulations, this is great. :-) I've been watching that number as well. I think it was a bit over 985.000 when I checked it about 24 hours ago, so now it's over 1 million.

However, I don't know how much of that number is just reloads by the same people since the comment section has been very active and so many people have accessed the page several times.

minoria said...

I think what happened to you guys there happens many times in the Muslim world.If I were in Syria and I wrote and published an article saying that by logical argument Mohammed is not in John,and so the Koran has an error and can't be from God,then I would get persecuted.An attack against FREEDOM of SPEECH.

As I had said before the evidence he isn't in John is totally INDEPENDANT of whether I am a Hindu,atheist,Buddhist,etc.

Congratulations guys,I never thought it would be so successful.The best is that is known to many,many more.

Sepher Shalom said...

Bfoali said: "David,
your debate with Osama Abdullah is up on his site. Incase you havent gotten the video youself yet."

Thanks for the tip, but I've had reports from 3 different people that there is malware on Osama's site, which exists even in spite of the McAfee link Osama likes to post to try to prove the site is clean.

I'm just going to wait until it's posted here. It's not worth getting infected by malware or a virus.

Sepher Shalom said...

Over 1 million views! That's fantastic! People need to see what is going on in Dearbornistan.

Jay44 said...

WOW!! Congratulations David and Nabeel. When I first went back to check on this video a couple weeks ago I saw that it had reached over 400,000 views. I was amazed. Now 1 million!! Incredible. I also notice that this video alone has brought in the bulk of your subscribers. I've been on YouTube since 2007 and I've only manged to gain about 700 subscribers in all that time. You guys, on the other hand, have managed to gain close to double that in 5 weeks alone. I must say I'm pretty jealous lol. Anyways, I'm very glad for you guys. It's good to see other Christian apologists do well on YouTube, especially some of the better Christian apologists like you two.

Unchoosenid said...

What good does it do if even 100 million watch the video and take no action? When are you going to press charges for assault and file civil suit?

That, they will understand.

You should have stood your ground.

Unknown said...

This is a perfect example of Islamic Sharia: Assualt, abuse, lying etc.

This law is a abuse to human beings.

David & Nabeel keep the good work, God Bless you all.

David Wood said...

Unchoosenid said: "You should have stood your ground."

Did you watch the video? They were going for our cameras. If we had "stood our ground," they would have eventually smashed our cameras. Then, with no evidence, it would be fifteen security guards declaring that we had started a riot, and us saying that we had simply asked a question. You can see from the video that even the head of security was a complete liar--even with the footage.

So quit lecturing us about standing our ground. If we had followed your advice, we'd have gone to jail, with no evidence of our innocence.

Unchoosenid said...

Good point David, accept my apologies. You did have two cameras, could you have used that fact? Perhaps hidden cameras or as I do hidden voice recorders. All you have to do is prove one lie and the rest of their testimony goes down the toilet.

There are also interorgation technics that can be used to ferret out the truth, any police detective should be able to figure it out. Just remaining calm and respectful often is enough to convince a cop on the scene.

I know as Christians you are to forgive those who trespass against you. Although IMO there is no forgiveness without there first being repentance. Are you going to be pressing charges or follow civil action. Civil action is a bit beyond what might be productive not to mention costly. But to file charges is free and called for in this instance.

Unchoosenid said...

I forgot to mention. I am in Virginia and the law does not require the permission to record (any an all types of conversation) as long as I am a participant in the conversation. The law in your state may not be the same, although being in public I doubt there could be any expectation of privacy.....

David Wood said...

Yes, we're going to press charges. We wanted to give them time to apologize, but they absolutely refuse. So we're going to take this as far as we need to in order to ensure this doesn't take place again next year.

What part of Virginia?

Ehteshaam Gulam said...

BTW a reporter from Detriot Free Press asked me to do an interview about the Dearborn Incident. David/Nabeel should I do it?

David Wood said...

As long as the facts are accurately represented, it's fine with me.

(Be sure to watch all of the videos on the topic.)

Ehteshaam Gulam said...

Nah, I am not going to do it. I thought about it and they'll probably misquote me anyways.

Yours in Islam
Ehteshaam Gulam

Unchoosenid said...

Hello Ehteshaam:

Please forgive me for not knowing how to pronounce your name. I've never seen it before, what's the origin and what does it mean?

Anyway, I think you should do the interview too. I just hope that whatever position you take you will encourage the reporter to investigate the opposing viewpoint and give it equal time. No matter what your viewpoint is. Perhaps they will also interview the esteemed owners of this site too :^)?

Ehteshaam Gulam said...


Thats not a bad idea, if David and Nabeel along with MJ are interested in doing an interview with the reporter--that would probably be better (i am afraid I might say something false since I wasn't there and rather just saw the videos).

For me Honesty and respect are best policies.

If you (David and Nabeel) want to talk to the reporter, then let me know.

Ehteshaam Gulam