Thursday, July 30, 2009

Massive Thanks to Everyone Who Supported the London Series!


A while back we posted a request for financial support for our debate series in London. The costs seemed insurmountable. We were trying to find a free place to stay up until the last minute, but nothing worked out. So we had to find rooms in hostels, where even the cheapest rooms we could find were expensive. Due to difficulties finding venues for the debates, we had to join together with the Muslim Debate Initiative to rent some places. All of this was in addition to basic fees such as plane tickets, meals, etc. We're pleased to announce, however, that thanks to donations from people on the blog (those who contributed via PayPal and those who agreed to send money via regular mail), along with some support from ACP, our entire trip is covered.

On another positive note, we met with many people while we were in London, and it sounds like we will have free places to stay and better access to debate venues in the future. Thus, our next series in London should be much cheaper. We're not sure when that will be, but we definitely want to return by next spring. (We met some really cool Muslims there, and Speaker's Corner is addictive!)

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.


Bfoali said...

Hey David,Nabeel,
Since all the debates are over, I was wondering when we can expect to see the Debate between Zawadi and Quarshia on the topic the perservation of the Quran.

David Wood said...

I think Nabeel's uploading that one tonight.

Unknown said...
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Confident Christianity said...

Good news, my friends! Good news. :-) Praise God! And thanks for sharing this update.


Bfoali said...

Thank you for the update David Wood :)

Ehteshaam Gulam said...

I love Bassam Zawadi. He's so awesome. Right now He is the greatest Muslim Debater.

Its a blessing that him and I are working together along with Farhan Qureshi.

Dragostea said...

im really glad you made it back home safe and that God provided for all your needs...

I hardly wait to hear the other debates. are there 6 debates totally or less? because i saw your scheduale was saying there would be 6 of them..nabeel uploaded 3 of them

my favorite debate so far was the debate about trinity but i also loved the way nabeel talked on the radio..

David Wood said...

Ehteshaam said: "I love Bassam Zawadi. He's so awesome. Right now He is the greatest Muslim Debater."

I agree with two out of three. I love Bassam, and I think he's awesome. However, I still think Shabir is the best Muslim debater. But after seeing Bassam's debate with Nabeel, I'd put Bassam at #2 in the world. The difference is that Shabir has already reached his peak, while Bassam's skills are still growing. It will be interesting to see how good he gets. I look forward to our next debate!

Sepher Shalom said...

David and Nabeel,

Praise our L-rd and Savior for your safe trip, and His gifting He has blessed you both with as debaters who defend the Gospel!


I believe you are keeping good company amongst Muslim apologists. Bassam and Farhan both conduct themselves in a very dignified and respectful manner.

Nakdimon said...

David, I would still like to see Bassam take on Shamoun in a debate series on 2 Islamic topix and 2 Biblical topix. They are both quite knowledgable of topix on both sides. I already approached Shamoun about this.


Ehteshaam Gulam said...
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minoria said...

But how does Zawadi explain away the different Korans of Sanaa,Yemen,discovered in 1972?Seymour said a new book said they were the same as that of today.That's NOT what the German expert GERD PUIN who has spent years on it says.I trust him far more.The Koran has been changed,it's proven.


Go to youtube and write "The Quran-written 70 yrs after Mohammeds death".It's only 3 min,but good.The worst part is that he discovered that an earlier version,different still,had originally been there,but a new version written on it.


It mentions one in the time of Moses,in sura 20:85/20:87/20:95.

But the Samaritans didn't appear as a people till after 720 BC.Moses lived about 1400 BC.
Also the city of Samaria didn't exist then.Such an error 3X can not be explained away.


In they will soon have "The Hidden Origins of Islam:New Research into its Early History." It's most probably have alot about the Sanaa documents.


Go to youtube,write "The Sana Manuscripts Part 156A"/,then "part 156B.It has more info.

minoria said...

I am glad there was enough money.Really I know what it's like to be poor.And it was for a good cause.How many people in Europe,where most aren't Christian anyway,are qualified to answer Muslim claims about Islam and Christianity?

I am 200% sure David and Nabeel are far better quaified than the Archbishop of Canterbury,Rowan Williams,head of 90 million Anglicans.If I were him I would see your debates and take down notes,become your student,plus read

Plus order all Anglican priests and priestesses(yes,they have women priests)to do the same.Will it happen?Fat Chance.

Fernando said...

Hi younf Ehteshamm: so: there are two Nadir Ahmed? one average/okay and one worst? I beliebe the first one his the one who agrees with you, the latter who desagrees with your pointes... Butt how serious do you want people too read you when you considere Ahmed Dedat to bee the #1 muslim dabater? He's a pastiche.