Thursday, July 16, 2009

ISNA 2009: False Advertising

At ISNA 2009, a version of Islam was being promoted that appeals to the values instilled in most Westerners. Peace, love, communication, caring, and other such virtues, we're being promoted carte blanche under the umbra of Islam. But is this wholesale embrace of Western values truly what Islam teaches, or does Islam espouse these values to a much more limited extent?


Unknown said...

I wonder if You guys can put a ost infront of this convention to prevent people being misled ?!
pr is it like daerborn, preaching is prohibited ?! no freedom of speech wherever muslims go ?!

Radical Moderate said...

yes there should be a disclaimer in front of all Muslim conventions.

Warning you are entering an Islamic Zone. Things are not as they appear, things are never what we say. Dont believe our scholars, disregard what the Quran, and Hadeeths say, and please ingorne the actions of Muslims. If you do this then you will know that Islam is peacful, caring and tolerent.

Anonymous said...

Excellent report David

Unknown said...

guys I would suggest that may be someone would like to debate those on the toll free why islam , and record the call for us , and post it here. to know wha version of islam they are preahing exactly

Sepher Shalom said...

That's a really interesting idea, shafsha711 :) I would be interested in hearing that type of audio. It could be quite enlightening.

Stephanie said...

Lol, "Honesty." They mean aside from taqiyya and kitman, right?

Chase said...

I've been enjoying this site and the questions raised in and around. This is a great recording, too. "Exposing Half Truths" seems also a fitting title.

My question: would you say that Christians (or Christ's Message) embody these "Western Values"?

Love for all.
Forgiveness for all.

Do these principles adhere to Christ's message?

If so, how well are we "Western-world" Christians living them out?

If not, do we have room to critique their religion this way?

Again, I'm new to this website and organization, but from what I know of the 17th chapter of Acts, it's about persuading the truth of Christ, not proving all else wrong.

I do believe ya'll are doing good work here, but if I had a brotherly, constructive critique it would be this: More Jesus.