Monday, June 22, 2009

VideoBlog #4: Dhimmis in Dearborn

A review of what's happening in Dearborn Michigan, from the perspective of Acts 17 Apologetics.


Bryant said...

Thats crazy!! They're trying to trick you into passing out tracks so that you could get thrown out?! WOW!! What Christian event would Muslims even go to, yet alone be stopped from engaging non-Muslims with material?

I really wish I was there engaging Muslims with you guys. This looks soooo like my cup of tea.

Radical Moderate said...

I'm thinking you guys should post the video of the harrasment/persicution. I aslo have a few questions about this event.
1. Do you have to pay money to get into the festival area?
2. I noticed that it is advertised as a arab festival. Why not have a booth set up for arab questions like they did for islam questions?
And please hurry up and post the debate video's. I think I can speak for everyone who was either to lazy to travel to Dearborn (like myself) or who just could not make it do to distance, and work or other reasons (Like everyone else). We are starving for some good debates.

Radical Moderate said...

Wow I just read this. From

You guys couldnt even get a TRO in federal court. Where is the ACLU when you need them :)

"UPDATE: Here is the complaint in Arabic Christian Perspective v. City of Dearborn, (ED MI, filed 6/16/2009). On Thursday, the court refused to grant a temporary restraining order to prevent Dearborn from restricting ACP and its founder Pastor George Saieg from passing out Christian literature at the Festival. (Right Side News). The Detroit News on Thursday reports that ACP will still be able to have a presence at the Festival at a fixed location, like other groups. ACP's attorney said the group will continue to pursue the case, even though the denial of the TRO effectively settles the issue for this year."

Radical Moderate said...

Wow preventing handing out information on public streets. I see this as a definite violation of the 1st, 4th, and 9th amendments.

minoria said...

It is just like Animal Farm by George Orwell,the same who wrote 1984.The animals throw out the farmer.The pigs take control.At first all animals are equal(just like all religions are to be treated equally).Then all are equal,but some are more equal than others.That is their mentality,Islam is more equal than others.But we non-Muslims will never accept such a violation on freedom of speech and religion.In the end all Westerners will wake up.Already Islam is held in low esteem by the majority.Its prestige is almost as bad as racism's.

Radical Moderate said...

ok next year I'm going for sure, going to bring my pet pig and walk it down the blvd :) I'm so joking but I cant believe this. In america civil rights are being denied to christians. If a Satanist showed up at a public event held for chritians I would fight for there right to hand out lititure. This is trully amazing.

Radical Moderate said...

Ok I was reading the rules for vendors. All though there is a whole section on Political Activities there is nothing on relegious activity. Below is the section on POLITICAL MATERIAL.
"2. No political literature or paraphernalia shall be passed out inside anywhere on festival grounds."

I didnt know that handing out christian material constituted political materal.

Unfortunitly the only animals allowed in the festival grounds are seeing eye dogs. So i cant bring my pet pig next year.
I'm thinking next year though the FATMANS BBQ Ribs is going to have a booth :)

nma said...

How sad and terrible! Dearborn is just a starting point!
Video: Muslim Leader Says America Will Become A Muslim Country

Sepher Shalom said...

Lies have to be enforced. It's as simple as that. The bigger the lie, the more violently it has to be enforced.

Anonymous said...

Many muslims have no concept of constitutional rights but only of sharia. No mocking prophet, no exposing islam, no handing out Christian writings, etc...

Great job guys. God bless you for yoru work for Jesus.

Unknown said...

Nice video. o yea lets go head and start uploading the debate videos can't wait any longer, lol

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Lets go to London where a group of Christians tend do a book stand with a literature type of mission on a regular basis.

Some of my personal friends once attended this outreach a number of times. The ground they utilized was the territory of a local church building.

Whenever this group of Christians appeared with their table, books and leaflets a group of muslims would show up with their table and plant themselves only a few metres from the Christians (on private Christian territory). When the Christians pointed this out and asked them to leave, or move outside the church property they simply refused.

When the police was notified they decided not to intervene. In this particular case referred to by Wood, you might be escorted away in handcufs.

Something tells me that muslims interferring with Christian activity is not that uncommon.

Radical Moderate said...

I'm jonesin man, I got to have a debate video. Come on hook a brother up.

minoria said...

Hello Fat Man,

I understand your great interest in debates.I often hear it 2 or 3 times to really understand and take notes.Here is a great link to debates.It is:

It is a Catholic website,though I not Catholic.There are great debates about the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus.On the Christian side we have William Craig,Michael Licona,Gary Habermas,etc and on the other side Ehrman,Robert Price,Gerd Ludemann,John Dominic Crossan,Richard Carrier,Dan Barker,etc.

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from Dearborn and I am absolutely exhausted. It is difficult hen your 63 to keep with all those young people. I did want to share with you what I observed personally about what happened at Arabfest in Dearborn

I was at the festival in Dearborn. Who would have thought that in the United States of America that there would be such restrictions placed on group of Christians to distribute Christian literature at a public event. The Islamist however were given free reign to distribute their propaganda on how Islam is against terrorism,

Nabeel and David were simply asking a question about the pamphlet that they were given. The Muslims did not want to answer any questions posed to them on Camera. Now why is this? Could it possibly be that Islam has something to hide (Taqiya). Taqiya is the Islamic practice of deception or to cover over in order to promote and advance Islam.

Some may argue that had the this incident not been videoed those at the booth would have reacted differently and answered Nabeel’s and David’s questions. But this is not so. On the previous day before this particular incident on at least two separate occasions I went to this same booth to ask questions about Islam, There was no video camera and on each occasion because the Muslims could not answer these questions I was asked to leave the area and on one occasion was escorted away by Muslims.

The bigger issue is not that anyone was confronted by a bunch a thugs in yellow tee shirts who shoe size exceeded their IQ but rather the erosion of religion freedoms that are happening in West. American and Canadians need to wake up to the Islamic menace before it us too late. I believe that we see more and more incidents like what we experienced in Dearborn as the Muslim population increases. The West needs to realize that democracy and Islam cannot co-exist and as the Muslim populations grows in our major metropolitan centres our democratic and religious freedoms will decrease

If you got questions it appears Muslims are not anxious to answer. I will have more to say on my own blog Challenging Islam later.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Mr. Koh and all your trans-nationalist buddies for the efforts to take away our basic freedoms. The second I heard about Harold Koh's (ObamaMessiah's nominee for State Department legal adviser, I believe it was) proclamations in regards to sharia law, I smelled trouble. Trans-nationalism seems to be a malicious method disguised as an "enlightened, tolerant" movement to strip away our basic freedoms. If the Constitution is to be interpreted in TODAY'S light, not in the way that it was written, how long will it be before restrictions are placed on what Pastors may preach on behind the pulpit? When will the Bible be branded as "hate speech" for claiming exclusivity?

None of this will happen to "the Religion of Peace," of course. Why? Because that would be intolerant and Islamophobic to place restrictions on anything pertaining to Islam. It's ironic, however, that we must all compromise our values and ideologies to make way for an oppressing, inhumane religion. Do people REALLY think that devout Muslims across the world are suddenly going to conform to a "Westernized" version of Islam? Really? Aside from that, in order to create a "kinder and gentler" Islam (or sharia), you must alter the most basic verses of the Qur'an and even passages in the ahadith. That's sacrilege, punishable by death, in accordance to Islamic (sharia) law.

minoria said...

Hello Stephanie:

I agree with you in essence.There is something I didn't realize for a very,very long time.15% of the 1.2 billion Muslims support the terrorists(180 million).They agree to killing more civilians in the West.

The majority of the others are against the METHOD used(terrorism)but not the OBJECTIVE(Sharia rule on the world,including the non-Muslim one).

They are for "peaceful implementation of Islamic-Sharia law,which is the law of God".If you really believe Islam is true it makes perfect sense.Before I thought the other Muslims thought like us(100% for human rights,including the right to change religion,convert others to another religion,critique the Koran and Mohammed or any religion).

No,they are against the right to critique Islam.They are divided into 2 groups:those in favor of execution,and those who favor less drastic measures(jail,fines,censorship of books).

Most Muslims in the West(30 million people),or maybe I am wrong,fall into the second group.When you hear them say things like "nobody has the right to ridicule another's faith","in the West if somebody slanders a person he is taken to court for diffamation,the same for diffaming the prophet of Islam","if somebody accused you of being a drug trafficker,a diffamation of character,you can have that person punished,"etc.

They are in reality in favor of restrictions on free speech and expression.But if you are 100% convinced your holy man was holy,such defensiveness isn't necessary.

If 15 caricatures appeared showing Jesus as a terrorist,one with a bomb on his turban,another with him holding a machine gun,another with him holding a sword and "Do not think I have come to bring peace,I haven't come to bring peace but the sword",etc.,if you really think you can argue it's not,then you don't need to agitate for restrictions on free speech.

In the Roman Empire of his time 90% of the people were illiterate.So Jesus used metaphors and catchy sayings so the public would remember his ideas.He was a literary genius.The sword saying is a metaphor meaning there would be division because of him,some against him,others in favor.He also said:"I have come to set the world on fire,and how I wish it were burning already."Traslation:"I have come to revolutionize things."

Fernando said...

brother minoria: ounce again: greatte post. Thankes for your always illuminationg wordes...