Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Whopping Thanks to Yahya

Hey everyone--

If you're wondering how we can all of a sudden post large videos on YouTube even though they've discontinued their partner accounts, it's because Yahya gave us his account! Yup, Yahya told us he wasn't using his account anymore and that we could have it with all its privileges.

Unfortunately, we can't change the name to Acts17 or AnsweringMuslims, but we can upload these videos onto YouTube. This was a very kind gesture from Yahya, and Acts17 is giving out a big, public "Thank You!"

The videos will be posted soon (about 1 debate per day, hopefully). Looking forward to your comments (feel free to subscribe to the Yahya2006 channel on YouTube!)


Sepher Shalom said...

On my way to subscribe to you right now :). That was very thoughtful of Yahya.

I just changed my YouTube account to a "Director" account, but it seems YouTube has disabled the extended video length priviledges from that account type.

I don't think YouTube cares at all about user created content now. Sad really.

Anyone know where I can acquire an account with longer video priviledges? I would even be willing to pay a reasonable sum to acquire it if someone is interested.

Royal Son said...

Thank you Yahya. I appreciate your help here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yahya! I didn't know you had a channel.

Fernando said...

Manie thankes Yahya... may God bless you!!!