Saturday, April 11, 2009

Charges Dropped against Muslims Who Raped 13-Year-Old Christian

ISTANBUL, April 10 (Compass Direct News) – Police have declared three Pakistani men innocent of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eye witness accounts and medical evidence indicating their guilt. At a hearing in Nankana Sahib district court on April 3, police from the Pakistani town of Sangla Hill, 64 miles from Lahore, cleared 40-year-old Mohammed Shahbaz, 30-year-old Waqas Sadiq and 25-year-old Yousaf Sadiq of accusations of raping and threatening Ambreen Masih. Shahbaz was the only suspect to attend the hearing, which was initially called to discuss terms of his pre-arrest bail. But Judge Ijaz Hussan Awan said he couldn’t set terms for bail if police didn’t want to arrest or detain him. “In Pakistan it has always been like this – the wealthy person can approach the police and change the course of an investigation,” said prosecuting attorney Akbar Durrani. “Regarding Christians, they cannot put any pressure on the police for a fair investigation.” SOURCE.


faktb said...

This story is awful. But the guilt lies with rank corruption and not with the religion of Islam.

Father, we pray for that poor, violated girl. May she discover and know Your peace, comfort, and love through these emotionally scarring times.

Fernando said...

Shamefful... disgusting... horrendous... butt just an example off what true islam is...

Michelle Qureshi said...

I don't think the rape itself can be pinned on Islam, though the undercurrents of decreased human value for non-muslims is found in Islam.

What I think is more likely to be attributable to Islam is the acquittal of the criminals. It seems the earliest Islamic literature is not really concerned with the rights of non-Muslims.

But perhaps I'm wrong? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Reads like the story of William Rowe's "Sue", only stronger.

This reminds me of Sami who was so happy at one time when he wrote "Islam will prevail".

Radical Moderate said...

I believe this is the same case, were the girl was tricked into going with the men for a job. After she escaped the muslims of her village went and attacked the girls father and brother

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

I don't think islam openly encourages rape of non-muslims in a common setting. Rape is permittable of female prisoners and female slaves though.

However, there is a rule according to the Al-Risala 37: 27 that if a muslim rapes a Christian women he cannot be punished by death in contrast to what the sharia law would do to a Christian who raped a muslim women.

So Qureshi is correct here, while rape is not commonly permitted, the islamic law is reluctant to condemn a muslim who commits such an attrocity against a Christian.

In fact the islamic law hardly punishes muslim for any attrocity or crime against Christians, this is one of the unbearable things a dhimmi has to cope with in a muslim country, he faces rape, murder, degration of every kind and he is not in the position to defend himself, since the islamic law only protects muslims in case involving muslims and Christians.

I pray that God will rise up many more who will expose the evils of the islamic society. We may call these haters or islamophobists or ractists, but all they are doing is exposing reality.

Stuce said...

Hogan, I am a new reader of your blog. Never loose your passion, and never stop speaking out. There need to be more voices like yours in this day and age..
be blessed