Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Will Islam Conquer the UK? Anjem Choudary Tells All!

In this short video, Anjem Choudary (a UK jihadist) explains how Islam will take authority in the UK. (Note: He makes some very interesting admissions here.)


Ken said...

Wow . . .

This video shows the vacuum that Islam will fill when "British common values" no longer includes historic Christianity, and any other western culture that tries to say that their basic values are "multi-culturalism" or "tolerance" or "pluralism" just "fish and chips" ( that was actually a very interesting insight, reductionistic, but may be true of majority of Brits today. Many have left the historic Christian faith completely.

very scary . . .

Do you agree with the general view of some history books that the Muslims were attacking Byzantine and Persia to "remove barriers"(as he even said), so that Islam can then be preached and spread?

Did the Coptic church really welcome them as "liberators from the Byzantine oppressors" ?

Did the Persian Nestorians really welcome them as "liberators from the Zoroastrian oppressors"?

I met an Egyptian Evangelical recently who told me that "at first, they did welcome them, but the Muslims tricked them and later just forced themselves into power and rule."

"Allah is the very best deceiver"
Quran 3:54; 8:30;10:22

"War is deceit" Al Bukhari

General principle:
"we become like what we worship"

Psalm 115:1-8, 2 Cor. 3:16-18; 4:16-18; Colossians 3:1-4

If the god someone worships is Al Jabbar, (The arrogant tyrant, dictator, enforcer, forceful one)

And Al Motakabir ( the Proud one)

and Kheir Ol Makkareen" ( the very best deciever)

then the behaviors in the Muslim world seem to come from this worship of an invisible god who is a dictator, tyrant, and deceives and lies.

So glad the true and living God is not a liar or deceiver, and cannot sin and cannot lie. I John 1:5, Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18

The true God ( The Biblical Trinity) is not an arrogant tyrant, but a loving sovereign. I John 4:8-19

And the true God is humble and humbled Himself by, the Son, the second person of the Trinity, becoming a man - Philippians 2:5-8; John 1:1-5; 14; Matthew 11:28-30

Great Britain better wake up.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the most dangerous religion.

Anthony Rogers said...

I was about to write - "wow", but Ken already beat me to it.

What a sick puppy that fellow in the video was, not only laughing at one point about calamity befalling people, as in earthquakes, but proactively advocating war, rebellion, and the like, as a "mercy" and in order to "remove the barrier" for the
free acceptance of Islam.

Amazingly, he even boasted of the difference between Muslims, who are quick to return evil for evil, and Christians, who are taught to return evil with good. He should have gone on to complete the contrast, the one that reveals the source of such profound differences: Muhammad’s Allah on the one hand, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ on the other.

Anthony Rogers said...

Choudary's "turn the other cheek" remark also reminded me of what Yusuf Ali said:

FN#4581 "....But this active righting of wrongs, whether by physical or by moral or spiritual means, which are commended as better, is an antithesis to the monkish doctrine, when you are smitten on one cheek, to turn the other also. This would not suppress, but encourage wrongdoing. It is practised by none but poltroons, and is preached only by hypocrites, or men who want to make slaves or [of?] others by depriving them of the power of self-defence. It occurs in two of the four canonical Gospels (Matt. 5:39, and Luke 6:29), but we need not therefore assume that it was preached by Jesus."

Of course turning the other cheek to a mere slap is not the same as absolutely ruling out self-defense in cases of a violent attack against oneself or one's family, but the heart desire of the Christian is always to pursue peace as far as possible. If only it was the same with Muslims.

May the Lord be pleased to give Muslims a heart to beat their swords into plowshares.

"From the fury of the Muhammadan, spare us, O Lord."

Ken said...

Can you take a stab at my history questions?

have you studied this issue?
Ken Temple

Radical Moderate said...

I agree with this man, "If you are a muslim you are going to be arrested". If only that could happen

Comrade Tovya said...

He should have been arrested long ago--for G-d sakes, he openly called for the assassination of the pope. How much more of an obvious threat do you need to be?

He also publicly stated that anyone who "verbally" supports Israel is allowed to be killed by any Muslim. He's a sick terrorist who needs to be prosecuted, and then rot away in prison for life.