Friday, December 26, 2008

Angels Among Us?

This doesn't have much to do with Islam, but it's interesting.

"Disabled Teen Recovered after Glowing Image Appeared on Monitor."


Sami Zaatari said...

I believe in angels as well, but I dont know about this, yes the image looks like an angel, BUT, it looks like our human imaginery concept of an angel, which makes it doubtful for us to say that was an angel, because it only looks like our drawing and paintings of angels.

also if you examine the pic, you can see there are partial reflections on the wall, so i am doubtful.

btw, just to not to sound like a skeptic or to simply take away something from this story just because their not Muslim, i believe that all peoples, Christians, Muslims etc have had supernatural good encounters.

and lastly, indeed, angels are amongst us! no matter how much atheists try to deny it!

Sami Zaatari said...

lol i have another interesting story of my own, since this is an interesting blog, i thought i would add more!

i was locked out of my own apartment tonight for up to 3 hours, the door shut as i was going out to throw the garbage, had no keys, no phone, no nothing, had to wait three hours before my brother came with an extra key. :) theres something you can blog about!

Anonymous said...

Sami maybe its a metaphorical sign that if you deny the truth of Jesus Christ, you will be locked out of heaven?

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

The news clip said there was video that captured the image. The picture looks somewhat credible however, I would be very interested in seing the actual video of the being or whatever it may be.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I do believe in the existence of angels, but that seems strange to me.

Nora said...

Seriously, I doubt it. I've known two people who have claimed to have seen angels. The stories are about ten years apart and neither person knew the other. What was odd about the stories is that both people described the angels as male, about 9-10 ft tall and an off-white/pastel color.

I just wonder, if in fact it was an angel, why it was caught on camera. . . seems like a little too . . . unprofessional. (angelically speaking)