Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mike Licona vs. Shabir Ally on the Deity of Christ

Here's one of the shortest debates in history.


Khayyam said...

WOW, Licona got whooped.... baaad..

Anonymous said...

Not really. All Shabir did was saying "You know, he can't be the God-Man. So I will use the muslim interpretation.
And from this I conclude that he wasn't the God-Man."

Unknown said...

Actually Mike responded wisely for the time provided, since Shabir, said bunch of verses that needs little bit more time to explain to the audience, which I dont think would fit in a 10 mins debate.

So in this case,I think Mike best thing did, that he asked him abot the quran, the main source denying jesus deity. And what an unreliable source as mike said !!

may be mike should added more proofs especially those from quran:

1: Jesus is word of God
2: Jesus is spirit of God
3: Jesus miracles specially creation, where in other quranic verse it was said, is this who creates like who don't. So this mean that noone like Allah, but in the same time jesus created !!
4: Ability of Allah to reveal in the tree, and to the mountain, so why not human
5: Jesus knows the unrevealed and hidden things
6:He will come back to judge the world
7: Jesus is still alive according to Quran, but muhammed died. So I would suggest Shabir to pray for jesus, as he will respond him. (by the way muhammed before he dies, he claimed that he his body will not be afected by death. So muslims didnt want to burry him,, thinking he was honest, but his body started putrifaction on his bed, so they through him away)(also remeber that he was the first prophet I heard of who died by poison!!! wow, where is his Allah?! )
8: Who is jesus father ?! isnt he word of god according to quran and Bible? so we call him Son of God , untill u find him another father :)
9: Jesus is so special in the quran. For instance Muhammed said, that satan poked evey human at birth, except Jesus !!! so why Jesus and not muhammed ?!

When he say logical it cant be , then tell him, Does all what quran and Bible said about jesus are logical ?! if not then why we dont say that he is GOD ?! if miracles are logical, then Plz Shabir, make one for us :)

So even if we tried to embrace islam , we will find Jesus so special that we cant deny his deity, unless we stopped to use our minds as islam teaches everyone !!!

Dawood said...

You yourself aswell as mike have no understanding of the quraan, hence the reason why you see fault in the truth, u need to put aside your pride and belive the truth after all its proven that the quraan has no contridictions.