Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sheikh Jalal Abualrub vs. David Wood: "Is Muhammad a Prophet?"

Here's the debate I did in April with Sheikh Jalal Abualrub, a Salafi scholar and translator. I think that Jalal did an excellent job (considering the fact that there's just not much that can be said in defense of Islam), which is why I'm disappointed that Jalal doesn't want to debate anymore.







Glenn Hendrickson said...

Thanks for posting these. I was at the second debate with Dr. White but unfortunately unable to see the first one...

Jay said...

Good job David. As usual the Muslim apologist can't stay on topic!

El-Cid said...

It's too bad Jalal won't be debating anymore. I actually find him to be one of the more likable Muslim apologists.

Osama Abdallah said...

Why were these videos removed from this page also?

mmttomb3 said...

no videos? what happened?

Osama Abdallah said...

The videos for this debate can be found at:


Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

Dear brothers and sisters Muslims, It is known to study Islam to go to Muslims scholars like saheh Muslim, Ibn Kather, Saheh Al bukhari etc, therefore it is suitable when you need to know about Christianity to read from Christian scholars and sources.
About Deuteronomy 20:16, it is known that God Almighty has covenant with Adams, and also renewed his covenant with Noah, then Abraham, then Moses and the last Covenant with our Lord Jesus Chris covenant of live, peace, salivation of the world, mercy and brotherhood.
Exodus and Deuteronomy have to be red together to be understood not to cut one or two verses and explain them alone in your way. We need to know that Exodus people who Deuteronomy was written for them were ignorant of God, rude, impatient and like to imitate other nations traditions and worships their gods, that what we see in book of Exodus when people were frustrated from eating God’s manna every day and wished to go back to slavery in Egypt, frustrated not having water, and could not wait Moses when he went to meet God at the sena Mountain to bring the 10 commandments and started worshiping a calf that made themselves from gold and cupper by imitating other nations worship. Therefore when they have to fight the ammorian and others to get to their promised land God ordered them to kill every thing and not to keep any thing for them selves because this is not war of richness, personal gain and getting goods for them like other nations, but is a war of land promised to them and their children from God, again He ordered then to kill every thing but the trees also to not mix with ammorian slaves and women and again start spreading pagans worships and traditions because the Jews were new in faith and knowing their God.
In other view if you say that Muhammad did same thing like in old testament, actually he did not because he killed the men (Jews and others) and kept the women and had with his men sex with them same night, he did not do what Deuteronomy 21:10-15 order because our God ordered the Jews to keep women as slave (later on) for one month to let them weep their parents then marry them again (marry them) not to keep them as slaves, and if happen that later a man did not like the women to set her free and not to sell her as slave because of all the misery that happen to her, did Muhammad do the same thing or he had sex without marriage and then sold them to buy more war weapons ( Saheh Albukhari, Ibn Ishaq).
Please read the Holly Bible in whole and use our scholar’s explanation just like we do with yours, God blesses you all.

coolest said...

Muhammad could never be a real prophet. The reason is clear. He never used the name of God wich is JHWH.
He used names in the quran such as ''John/Yahya; Zacharias/Zakarya; Elia/Iliaas; and las but not least, even Jesus...

But he even didn't use or knows these names contains de name of God!!! And that's not allah.

I discuss this a lot with many muslims and non of them could explain this.

I really never lose a debate with them..

Netranger said...

Hey David,

Looks like you managed to rile up Jalal pretty good, in the next debate which was a debacle, you can still see him fuming. Unfortunately James White though a good scholar was unable to give Jalal back for his ridiculous comments and childish behavior... imagine Jalal's response to the question "Why is Islam violent"... he response... Christians invaded Afganistan/Iraq... etc when James corrected him, Jalal's response... "well... so the ones who invaded were sinners and so the religion they follow... SIN". I have to stretch my memories to recollect a more assinine response. He conveniently forgets that firstly this was a political initiative and NOT a religious one. Furthermore the US army has millions of Muslims too who were also posted in these regions. Would have loved to see you in this debate.

Netranger said...

Hey David,

Just a point, on the "paedophile" behavior of Mohammed, Jalal said that his mother got married when she was 10... so it is a norm and nothing wrong with that.

I would have loved you to ask him what was the age of his father when he got married to his 10 year old mother ? Was his father also playing with his mother when she was a child (5 years) and he above 40... and then proposed marriage when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9 and he close to 50 ?

Wonder what Jalal would have to say to that...

Kometa77 said...

what is in islam that you could possibly offer anybody??
in islam you dont have salvation, no hope, no joy, no music, no laughter, no fun
you are not sure whether you will get saved or not
you live in a constant torment and fear about that

in christianity we KNOW and we are SURE that we are saved
Jesus saved us
He purchased our salvation with His own blood and sacrifice
crucifixion of Jesus is a historical fact

in islam you dont know your god, you dont have any relationsip with him at all, he doesnt help you, he doesnt talk to you, he doesnt love you, he doesnt heal you
he is a far far away god, a distant god, a cold god

in christiniaty we have good news
islamic news is not good at all
in chistianity we become children of God, God the very God Himself indwells our spirits and we have relationship with Him, He talks to us, He heals us (yesterday we prayed for my friend's mother who was sick and she got better), He guides us, He LOVES us, He comforts us

in christiniaty we feel the presence of God
in islam you have only bows and traditions and rituals, only dos and donts

chrstianity is love based
islam is performance and obedience based, set of mercyless rigoristic laws which eliminates a person's free will and choice, you are simply allah's slaves

look what christianity offers and what islam offers
there is no comparison at all
Do you prefer to bow to a stone and pray to a god who doesnt care about you?
or do you want to pray to God and hear Him talk to you and listen to your prayers and help you and provide you with salvation?

the true God is generous
allah is not generous
he calls himself merciful but he says he is merciful when he talks about beating of women or when he talsk about killing infidels in sura 9:5 "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful"
allah's forgiveness andmercy is based only on obedience of people
because islam is submission

the love of the true God is unconditional
He loves His children even when they misbehave and His arms are always wide open to them because the Bible says that it is the love of God that leads people into repentance

Kometa77 said...

do you know what the word "gospel" means???
it means: good news
and some translate it as "almost too good news to be true"

because it is THAT good

God who created us is the God of LOVE
His love is greater than our sin
His mercy more powerful than our hatred
His morality greater than our wickedness

when He gives, He gives in abundance

He created people in His own image
if people can be good to their own children - so much more CAN God be good to us!!!
it is Him who put His love inside us

you cannot give what you dont have

and that is why you muslims cannot love because you were never loved
you cannot love because you dont know how to love
you cannot love because you have never experienced the love of God

we give what He first gave us

we can bless others because He first blessed us
He is the God of goodness and mercy
allah is only bows and rituals

but the true God is generous
look at the world
God didnt create 2 trees but He created abundance of everything in their diversity and beauty
His nature is generosity
and that generosity He showed in His forgiveness and mercy for us
Jesus went to the Cross
which is a historical fact
and sacrificed His own life for everybody
for every human being
He died so that we could live
His love is unconditional
He paid the price for our holiness
He proivided us with salvation
in islam you have nothing
no hope
no salvation
no love
no relationship with God
no experience of the goodnes of god...
you have obedience instead of loyalty and pure morality coming from the heart
because satan doesnt care for loyalty
he just wants blind obedience from you and that is why he tells you to not ever question muhammad and not ask too many questions...

Unknown said...

Kometa...how do you KNOW YOUR SAVED?

How could you have so much faith in such a concept that was unheard of by the early Christians? Can you tell me of one early Christian who believed in this Born again/eternal salvation concept you profess today?

I agree with Muslims in some ways, and I must admit it makes me cringe when "Christians" arrogantly tell me they are "Saved". Don't you think that is Gods decision and not yours?

Joe Convict said...

I love how 'Christians' [(and I use the term loosely because they do not resemble in action, dress or etiquette of the esteemed Prophet Isa (Jesus for the uneducated who seem to think that Christianity sprung forth from the good ol USA)] have this arrogant 'Saved Sect Syndrome' when it comes to their salvation. Just the fact alone that the 'Bible'or Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth they read isn't even in it's original language! That alone is proof that it is man made. C'mon, Im an ex-christian who reverted to Islam because of the thousands of contradictions and discrepancies in that book. How about the fact that none of the men who penned that fantastically fictitious book dont even have last names or lineages apparent to the readers? And the idolatry in churches,kneeling and praying to sculpted crosses and statues made my mans own hands is insane!But Allah says he guides whom he wills and leads astray who he wills. All you have to do is take a look at the 'christian' scholars - They dress in suits with shaved faces, they dont even memorize their book because its impossible with the dozens of versions, the pedophilia and homosexuality that runs rampant in the church by their LEADERS etc.

I could go on but why??? They eat pork, decorate the christmas tree and many other acts that are clearly prohibited in their own book. They follow their desires and nothing more. It is so, so, strange. Al hamdulillah that Allah, the Creator of Adam and Isa (Jesus)and all the revered prophets, saved me from this misguidance. Ameen.

Tom said...

Brother David,

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!
on the point of muhammad had evil spell cast on him..

"That whoever wants to place a curse or spell on us, Christians, that spell will be repelled/ineffective BECAUSE OUR GOD WHO IS IN US IS GREATEST THAN THE ONE "Who is TRYING To Be a Roaring Lion".

He brings up about the catholic Bible, as far as I am concerned(a Born again Christian) The doctrine/ theology is basically the same. In fact you cannot find anything about Mary being special to the extend how the catholic venerate her even in their own Bible!
To me it is no issue,except for the so call extra 'books' which does not change the basic Doctrine/ Theology!Yes?

From day 1, the basic Doctrine/ Thelogy HAS not changed with main stream Christianity!

David, He says about the catholic chrurch peodohile baviour by the priest :
This behaviour is TOTALLY not consistent with Biblical moral & NOT approved behaviour.
The Priests were Totally WRONG in that Behaviour.. FULL STOP. NO Follower of CHRIST will ever try to justify that behaviour, unlike muslims who is always trying to justify muhmmmad's extremely poor moral behaviour.

IT is Sad that His mother had to get married at 10 years old, precisely, muhammad is an extremely pooor MORAL compass!

Answering Judaism said...

Joe Convert, The Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic (parts of Jeremiah, Daniel and Lamentations) and Greek.

"How about the fact that none of the men who penned that fantastically fictitious book dont even have last names or lineages apparent to the readers?"
I fail to see how that is relevant to the Bible's veracity.

As for crosses. Having a cross isn't wrong BUT BOWING TO ONE IS. Statues shouldn't be bowed to anyway.

"the pedophilia and homosexuality that runs rampant in the church by their LEADERS etc" They are not living by the Holy Spirit if they submit to base desires like that. What they are doing IS WRONG.

"They eat pork, decorate the christmas tree and many other acts that are clearly prohibited in their own book."
Having a Christmas tree are not even commanded in the Bible, That is something that came after the apostles were dead.
Christians are not under the OT law. Only the moral commands without the death penalty apply. Sabbath, Tithe, Dietary laws, sacrificial laws, THOSE ARE FULFILLED IN CHRIST. If you use the Mosaic Law as the means of condemning Christians (which we are not under), Then condemn Muhammad because the same law that condemns pork, also CONDEMNS CAMEL, Something Muhammad allowed. Be consistent when you condemn Christians.
Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Comment: Is this Poor Scholarship on Islam ? Web link below


One part of their work below

"Our claim go even further and claim that Abd al Malik and Muhammad is
actually one and the same person. Muhammad was a word/name used as a term of
veneration. Leaders in the medieval times were often referred to as ‘divine’
personality to avoid being questioned by the people. Abd al Malik was born
in Mecca, like Muhammad. Al Malik invaded Medina with a 12,000 strong Syrian
army of which 10,000 died, exactly like Muhammad. Abd al Malik built the
Dome of the Rock over the tomb of Abraham in Jerusalem to show his conquest
and supremacy over the jews. Why was this necessary if the area was already
made Islamic under Muhammad’s invasions over one century earlier? Muhammad
is said to have flown on a winged donkey to Jerusalem. Nut why would Al
Malik invade Medina when Muhammad had already done this and presumably
turned it Islamic 100 years prior? Incidentally the description of Abd al
Malik and Muhammad are almost identical"