Thursday, August 14, 2008

Masab Yousef: Hamas Leader's Son Gives His Life to Jesus

Praise the Lord for giving this man the courage to bow down to the Lord Jesus Christ.



"The Prodigal Son"


Jay said...

All I can say is WOW!

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Just read the transcript of an interview with the guy, all I can say is:

1) He didn't know much about Islam which is rather apparent.
2) Many palestinians would embrace Christianity in order to get a nice new start in Sunny California.

Javier said...

2) Many palestinians would embrace Christianity in order to get a nice new start in Sunny California.


David Wood said...


This guy was the son of the leader. He would have lived a very comfortable life.

Now his family wants him dead, and he's probably going to be killed eventually.

Can you really say that he converted just to get an easy life?

You're smarter than that, Yahya.

Jay said...

Hey Yahya - as a convert yourself I thought that you'd be a little more understandign of people who have the courage to make that step.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


I honestly believe he has, on a transcript of an interview I read, he claimed Muhammad had 50 wives..... That's new to me!

As for Hamas Leaders living comfortable lives, yes relatively in comparisson to the barren conditions facing most Palestinians. However, watch the video David, the guy is surfing in California..... heck if you asked me 5 years ago before I got religious, I'd have become a Satanist in order to get a new start there!

Plus, it's not really rare, I've even met Black Americans and Afro-Carribeans becoming converts to Islam and then jumping ship for a luxury "Political Exile" life in Iran and Saudi.

Jay said...

I beg to differ. He is the son of a radical leader whose religion permeated every facet of his family and public life. If anything I think it was over exposure that led to his disillusionment. This is a very informed Muslim who made a free decision to convert - I know that may be hard for you to accept.

he claimed Muhammad had 50 wives

Sarcasm maybe? Doesn't prove ignorance.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

It's not hard for me to accept, I do acknowledge when one is genuinely a former Muslim who has embraced Christianity despite having knowledge of it. That doesn't shake me at all, in fact normally I seek out such people for exchanges.

However this guy clearly doesn't know, secondly Hamas Leaders are often not that well informed and rely on charismatic leadership from Shaykhs such as Ahmed Yassin etc.

Jay said...

The fact of the matter is that this is a well informed insider and former practicing Muslim who decided to leave. That's significant enough for me.

Sami Zaatari said...

you just gotta laugh at the Christians somtimes. just imagine if the son of a KKK leader became Muslim? the Christian would say ah yes all the crazies become Muslim, like all converts to Islam come from jail! but when the son of HAMASSSSSSSS becomes Christian, or a former PLO becomes Christian its praise Jesus!!!!!!!! we dont care about identity now. seriously guys when will you ever get some consistent honest character in yourselves.

Sami Zaatari said...

ok guys im leaving Islam too because Muhammad had 50 wives, but i want to come to a faith were my great king David had 300 wives. yes praise yahweh i see the light now, Muhammad raided caravans and fought in battles but you know in my lovely Bible of peace God made a prophet kill 12,000 people in one day (4 september 11's in 1 day, and more people dead than in the 23 years of the prophet Muhammads lifetime) and this is the love i feel that is missing in Islam. im sorry Muslims your all delluded.

Sunil said...

sami zaatari,

>> just imagine if the son of a KKK leader became Muslim? the Christian would say ah yes all the crazies become Muslim

Well, only if he continues with his ways of aggression, violations of human rights, communal racism etc.

>> when the son of HAMASSSSSSSS becomes Christian, or a former PLO becomes Christian its praise Jesus!!!!!!!!

Because that conversion will make his change his murderous ways into a wonderful and loving human being.

>> where my great king David had 300 wives.

Even if it was the great King David who did it, it is still a deviation from what God intended. At least, David did not religiously institutionalize polygamay, child marriage etc, making it impossible for social reform to take place, as seen in muslim nations to this day.

>> my lovely Bible of peace God made a prophet kill 12,000 people in one day

God also clarified how we ought to behave (fore-warning and confirming that the specific incidents in OT were specific acts of God's judgment). What is more, the final/ultimate revelation in Jesus/NT, leaves no room for doubt on how one ought to behave with neighbor, enemies, in persecution, in proclamation of Gospel, spiritual nature of kingdom of God etc.

>> ..and this is the love i feel that is missing in Islam..

Well, by rejecting Jesus as savior/redeemer, one is surely missing a lot.

ben malik said...

Perhaps Sami can show where it says David had 300 wives. It doesn't. Even though he was corrected by Shamoun here:

He still repeats his error. He meant Solomon having 700 wives and 300 concubines, for which God rebuked him. See 1 Kings 11.

Oh yeah, I forgot that this is one of those corrupted parts of the Bible since according to the following commentary that supposedly comes from Ibn Abbas Solomon actually had 300 wives and 700 concubines, and David had 100 wives, all of which was legit in Allah's eyes:

(Or are they jealous) nay, they are jealous (of mankind) of Muhammad and his Companions (because of that which Allah of His bounty hath bestowed upon them?) the Scripture, prophethood and marrying many wives. (For We bestowed upon the house of Abraham) David and Solomon ((of old) the Scripture and Wisdom) knowledge, understanding and prophethood, (and We bestowed on them a mighty kingdom) We honoured them with prophethood and Islam and bestowed upon them sovereignty over the Children of Israel. David had 100 legitimate wives, and Solomon had 300 legitimate wives plus 700 concubines. (

Silly me.

But I see why he doesn't mention Solomon since his prophet believed that the former had at least 100 wives with Allah's approval!

Narrated Abu Huraira:
(The Prophet) Solomon son of (the Prophet) David said, "Tonight I will go round (i.e. have sexual relations with) ONE HUNDRED WOMEN (my wives) everyone of whom will deliver a male child who will fight in Allah’s Cause." On that an Angel said to him, "Say: ‘If Allah will.’" But Solomon did not say it and forgot to say it. Then he had sexual relations with them but none of them delivered any child except one who delivered a half person. The Prophet said, "If Solomon had said: ‘If Allah will,’ Allah would have fulfilled his (above) desire and that saying would have made him more hopeful." (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 169:

So what's the big deal with Mo having 50 when his Ilah didn't censure Solomon for having twice that many?

And speaking of the KKK maybe Sami will then agree that this former KKK's testimony means diddle-squat and proves absolutely nothing:

Wilz said...

in that case, why don't you be in the shoes of one of the concubines.

Solomon, in all his wisdom, the only thing that led to his downfall and thus the birth of Ecclesiastes.

In, do read his agony of getting the best in life, but not enjoying it.

Why don't he enjoy it? Because he is doing it contrary to what God has planned. God allowed it to happen not because He approved of it, He allowed it because He has given free will to Solomon.

How do we know that? Because God did ask Solomon what he wants and he asked for wisdom to govern the nation of Israel.

So...the problem is not how many wives prophets, priests and kings had.

I find it immature to attack someone's faith on the basis of lack of full understanding of the religion.

Faith is not faith if one has total knowledge of anything. That is to believe base on facts.

Faith goes beyond facts. It is to believe despite the absence of fact, and that is what God is looking for.

And that, is what God will accept when Joseph goes to heaven. Not your adherence to the law of Koran, the law of moses but the law of love through Christ.

Search your hearts. Are you wise, knowledgeable, fair enough to judge Joseph's intention to convert? Are you willing to face God when you mistakenly misjudge Joseph's conversion? Who are you to judge someone's conversion?

Woe be the day when you see Joseph standing beside Jesus during the great white throne judgement at the end of the millennial reign of Christ on earth if you have misjudged and did not receive the same revelation of love as Joseph.

Gabriela said...

Only that Jesus brought a different faith, the new faith from David. We talk here about Jesus and his holy life, the apotsles' holy life, never married, without sin, compared to Mohamed who fought battles, enslaved, had wives and consumed marriage with a child.
jesus said love your enemies not kill the unfaithful, saved the woman to be stoned saying whoever is without sin, must throw first the stone...guys, you still have to learn the true path...

Anonymous said...



"The Prophet said, 'If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'"

Qur'an 9:3

"Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations."

Qur'an 66:2

"Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows."


"Allah's Apostle said, 'War is deceit.'"

Qur'an 4:142

"Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah. He shall retaliate by deceiving them."


"Magic was worked on Allah's Apostle and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done."


"Umar said, 'Our best Qur'an reciter is Ubai. And in spite of this, we leave out some of his statements because Allah's Apostle himself said, "Whatever verse or revelation We abrogate or cause to be forgotten We bring a better one."

Qur'an 33:11

"In that situation the Believers were sorely tried and shaken as by a tremendous shaking. And behold! The Hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease said: 'Allah and His Messenger promised us nothing but delusion; they have promised only to deceive us."

Qur'an 33:14

"Say: Flight will not avail you if you flee from death, killing, or slaughter. In that case you will not be allowed to enjoy yourselves but a little while. Say, 'Who will screen you, saving you from Allah if he intends to harm and injure you?'"

Qur'an 33:21

"You have in (Muhammad) the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern of conduct for any one to follow."

Qur'an 74:31

"We have appointed nineteen angels to be the wardens of the Hell Fire. We made a stumbling-block for those who disbelieve and We have fixed their number as a trial for unbelievers in order that the people of the Book may arrive with certainty, and that no doubts may be left for the people of the Book, those in whose hearts is a disease. And for those to whom the Scripture Book has been given, and the believers, there should be no doubt. The unbelievers may say, 'What does the Lord intend by this?' The Lord will lead astray whomever He pleases, and He will guide whomever He pleases: and none can know the armies of your Lord except He, and this is no other than a warning to mankind."

Qur'an 74:52

"Each one of them wants to be given scrolls of revelation spread out! No! By no means! Nay, this is an admonishment. Let them keep it in remembrance! But they will not heed unless the Lord wants them to. He is the fountain of fear."


"I heard the Prophet say, 'Allah hates for you for asking too many questions.'"

Qur'an 89:5

"There surely is an oath for thinking man."

Qur'an 92:8

"We will make smooth for him the path to misery."

Anonymous said...

Well done Masab Yousef! To find the truth in the dark is difficult but Jesus's love reaches us anywhere..Why are people critical? Because the sin of mankind is that they think more highly of themselves then they ought.." oh, who are you that God is mindful of you...." We are all created by The one true God who sent His only son to die for us that whoever shall believe shall be saved.. YOU know your heart.. seriously.. YOU need to be saved if only from your own thoughts and actions! Pull the plank our of your own eye before you start pulling it out of Masabs. Stop analyzing his actions and start praying for Him you apparnetly 'saved Christians".. He is as Paul was to the Romans..God has called Him from out of the darkness, and the only words that should come out of your mouth is " God give him strength to stand and protection form the enemy who is prowling around him waiting for the opportunity to hurt him, Holy Spirit, give him the words he needs and protect him by being his guide and the loudest voice in his ear, Lord Jesus hold him in your hands, don't let him fall at the hands of those who oppose you... Amen".. shame on you judgers... shame!