Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is the Devil's Face on the Dome of the Rock?

A friend sent me these pictures of the Dome of the Rock--Islam's third holiest site. He pointed out the creepy image on the outside of the building, which some claim to be the face of Satan or some other demon. I'm inclined to see this as a random pattern produced by natural rock formation, but I have to wonder why Muslims chose a slab of marble that has an image that does look rather scary (horns, eyes, a nose, a jagged mouth, flames around the head, a neck, etc.). Do any of my Muslim friends have an idea of why the builders didn't use a different piece of rock? (You can see the location of the slab at the bottom of the second picture.)


loo said...

Those images look permanent

Tod said...

I just got back from Israel. The image was pointed out by our guide. She said that it is something that was NOT originally in the stone. It has appeared over time. Could God be giving us His opinion of this Muslim Shrine being on His Temple Mount?

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loves said...

I don't think it's just conincidence. More info here:

Anonymous said...

i can totally remember seeing this demonic looking image when i went to the Dome of the Rock in 2000. it's just to the right of the entrance. i wonder if anyone can confirm that it was originally not part of the stone? it would be interesting to compare older photos with ones from today to see how the images has changed.

BlessedByTheBest said...

the bible says the beast sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God that is the dome of the rock mark gospel called [ the [it] mark chapter 13

Mutasem Al-Khader said...

These images were done deliberately in Italy when the King of Jordan renewed the Dome and rocks were bought from that country. It is a dishonest act and a clear act of hatred to Islam which I reject. In recent past, that is in the fifties, these images were not there.

Dondi said...

The pillar that You are looking at is Marble sheathing gifted to Islam by Mussolini during the Second World wat, It is identical to all of the other sheets in every aspect save on, The supposed face reveals a Historical mystery, The image is from concentrated energy burning it image through the Marble! You see The Muslims did not build the Dome of the rock, They acquired it by war... It originally was a storage anex for the Temple of Soliman Built by Jews. Take the time to take a really close look at the photo You provided if the alleged Demon face and then turn it sideways to look at an image of the Ark of The Covenant, With Two Cherubim Facing onward with wings covering the mercy seat with the 4 Horns! This is why it is such a Holy sight for the Muslims, They know what happens to them should it ever see the light of day!

Anonymous said...

not an image of the ark ..

The muslims do not Accept the ARK of GOD

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The Quran talks more about FALSE GODS, and DEMONS then it does about GOD

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MM-528_HZ said...

Nowhere in the passage does the term decieve pop up

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Pickthall: And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.

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Also the Hajara Aswad was always situated within Makkah even history is testament to that fact. so where have you come to the conclusion that it was transferred from this "supposed" temple?