Friday, July 4, 2008

Britain's Top Judge: "Sharia Law Welcome in the UK!"

Chief Justice Lord Phillips, England's top judge, has declared that Muslims can use Sharia Law to settle disputes with other Muslims. Read more.

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Jay said...

Sigh! Those who are liberally minded in their political views (multiculturalism etc) have good intentions but sometimes I wonder how people as intelligent as Rowan Williams could start on a track like this.

But maybe there is something to it. Some time back the Attorney general of Ontario proposed a similar recognition of Sharia (pushed by conservative Muslim lawyers and interest groups), only to have the rest of the Muslim community (women and educated progressive Muslims in particular) protest to the point where she had to withdraw the proposal. They protested that they hadn't worked hard to leave their native countries governed by Sharia law only to have it forced on them again.

So maybe there is something to letting the community decide for itself :)