Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adnan Rashid vs. Jay Smith: Does the Bible Predict the Coming of Muhammad?

This is one of the infamous Hyde Park/Speakers' Corner Debates. What the debates lose in the way of formality they tend to make up for in excitement.




DMartyr said...

Even in the face of evidence that Bible was warning people against false prophets, muhammadan muslims insist their beloved child-molesting prophet was a man of God.

Thanks for the video. They were eye-opening, clearly demonstrating the close-mindedness of muslims.

(PS: Mr. Wood - do you have a contact email? I have a question about your article "Islam Beheaded: The Information Superhighway and the Death of Mohammedanism" Thanks!)

Jay said...

Yes v. entertaining. I love Jay's line about how whenever muslim apologists see a camel or a mention of Arabia, immediately the flag goes up and they claim this is Muhammad prophesised. LOL! :)

David Wood said...


You can reach me through the Acts 17 link at the top.

CosmicBoy said...

@ David,

Good debate...not easy but thing you miss...The moslem claims Muhammad NAME is mention in the Torah & Injil...if he can't provide his NAME...the moslem should claiming.

Second...they say his name was mention in the Torah & Injil but he pick Isaiah. You see...Isaiah is in the Book of The Prophets NOT Torah & Injil. They are wrong.

Mount of Paran is only in other place (correct me).

Seir also in Sinai.

So whats the connection with Muhammad@ Arabia?

10, 000 of saints...who are they...angels or Islamic fighter?

Is Meccah, Mount Paran?

And where is Muhammad name?

And they mention Jeremiah? Is the book of Jeremiah, Torah or Injil?

There...they are wrong.

Anything sound Arabic is Islam.

You see, Paul also took 3 year to meditate in Arabia...but Paul was for Jesus...if Paul was the one againts the apostles...the moslem will made him a hero. They will say that he learn the truth in Arabia.



CosmicBoy said...

@ David,

Again 1 point...when the moslem say that The Torah & Injil mention Muhammad name...ask them to prove it from these 2 books...don't lets them bring Jeremiah or Isaiah or what Song of Solomon etc...these are the book of the prophets & wisdom.

Just focus on the name M u h a m m a d...thats is what the Quran said...his name M u h a m m a d. There are NONE, so moslem fail. Thats it.

Lothair Of Lorraine said...

I took up the challenge that Muslims lay down about Muhammad's name being found in the Bible.

Ahmed Deedat relied on the Hebrew word 'Machmad'[Hb, Mem-Chaf-Dalet; cf. Song of Solomon 5:16]and forced in a few letters just to make the word look like 'Muhammad'. What they don't seem to realize is that if the word were pronounded 'M-U-H-A-M-M-A-D' and not 'M-A-K-M-A-D', the Hebrew would be spelled 'Mem-VAV-Chaf-Mem-Dalet'.

There is plenty more to say, and I did so in a word study video on my You Tube Channel. If anyone is interested, please see the video.

Adam Jesus said...

The term "Coming" can be used in several context , like coming as in second coming, or coming as in continuation of first event, or maybe coming as a testimony or maybe as a last coming. now,
Lets Discuss Coming as in Second Coming. If Muhammad's coming was the second coming then it means that he had already come there before, then the birth of Muhammad , cannot be justified, if the Coming is referred to as coming as a continuation of first event then Muhammad cycle of existense must be re evaluated, if coming is referred to as a testimony then, muhammad should have come to give testimony of God after the delivery of the final revelation. If coming is referred to as a Last coming then Muhammad had to be a God, becuase as referrences are given from Bible, Helper is always made for Man, in the first case the helper was Eve and in the Final and ultimate provision the helper himself WAS God, in the form of the Holy Spirit. The first Helper was made to perish but the second helper will never perish.

donna60 said...

This forum is impossible. I can't hear myself think. See ya!

Tharun Cheriyan said...

The book of Isaiah is not in the Torah o_o

Tharun Cheriyan said...

David! you should do a segment on Isaiah 42 in order to refute it properly

Unknown said...

Whenever Mr. Adnan quotes a verse from the Holy Bible (specifically Isaiah, Deuteronomy and other books) he commits blasphemy ('shirk' in his own Islamic terms liable for death penalty) because all of these verses say about the Most High - not a human. Ironically, a Muslim can twist the holy words of the LORD and prove Muhammed's case in the bible, but cannot do so in consistent manner as we cannot find anything specific about their prophet in the bible. Islamic inconsistency. They ask us (Christians) to say 'Did Jesus ever say specific words - I'm GOD' for them to believe in the deity of Christ. Why then we not expect the same from them "Is Muhammed's name specifically written in the Holy Bible" for us to believe in his prophethood?