Thursday, May 8, 2008

Islamic "Thinkers" Society

If only non-Muslims living in Muslim countries had this sort of freedom!


Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Whilst I disagree entirely with the Nasibi-Khawarij group The so called "Islamic" "Thinkers" Society. I don't think your point about freedom of speech really stands strong, naturally their ideology is that Islamist Caliphate state which makes no claim to offer absolute freedom of speech. Democracy on the other hand, claims to offer this and therefore they are merely utilising their right to Free Speech from within the Democratic System, if you do believe in giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar then to criticize them for this would be least stay true to your ideology.

David Wood said...


I think you missed my point. Here in the West, we are quite tolerant of opposing views. People are free to speak their minds and to defend their positions. In many Muslim countries, people are not free to present their views. This prevents reasonable positions from being communicated to others. Any position that can only succeed by silencing (through violence) other positions has something to hide. It is ironic that the Muslims in this video, who want a world in which free speech is stifled, are using their free speech to ultimately end it.

Marajhones said...

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