Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bilal Philips Responds to "Dispatches: Undercover Mosque"

I like Bilal Philips (I would love to debate him!), so I was expecting a better response. This was pretty weak. Do any of my Muslim friends know of a good response to the program? I'll put it up for discussion.


Sunil said...

It is unfortunate that Bilal Philips seem not at all bothered about what is going on in the Mosques. He simply dismisses the documentary as bad reporting, the that it is causing more harm than good etc. No theological refutation of what is going on in the Mosques etc.

David Wood said...

I agree. This is the same phenomenon we see in the Muslim world. When someone in the West says something critical of Muhammad, Muslims riot. When terrorists murder innocent people in the name of Muhammad, Muslims are fairly silent.

Similarly, when Westerners produce a documentary exposing the teachings of certain violent Muslims, the general reaction of Muslims is: "How dare you produce this documentary?" Shouldn't the response be: "How dare they teach this in our mosques! Thank you for pointing this out! We'll handle it!"

To put the matter differently, when a church leader is exposed for immorality, I'm usually quite glad that he's been exposed. I think to myself, "Serves you right for abusing your position and defiling your ministry!" I would never think, "Ah, how dare the news agencies expose such hypocrisy!"

Perhaps I should do a post on this.