Monday, February 4, 2008

Nadir Ahmed's Amazing Debate Format

I've been busy arranging a debate between James White and Nadir Ahmed, which is no easy task when Nadir's involved. Nadir originally demanded that James must not be allowed to point out inconsistencies during the debate. James refused (understandably), and Nadir finally agreed that James has the right to be logical.

But Nadir wasn't finished. James suggested a very reasonable debate format, but Nadir suggested one major modification: He demanded the right to be both the first speaker and the last speaker! His reasoning was as follows. Since he has agreed to speak first, he is at a disadvantage, since James will be able to respond to him. Therefore, to compensate for this disadvantage, he should be given the right to speak last.

Even more amazing is that James agreed to the format! Whatever one can say about this debate before it happens, one thing is clear. Nadir is doing everything he can to gain an unfair advantage prior to the debate, while James is so fearless that he's letting Nadir have an advantage. (Keep this in mind when you consider Nadir's complaints about his debate with Sam Shamoun, where his chief complaint was that the debate format was unfair--despite the fact that the rules were completely fair.)

One last point for Nadir's future debate opponents. Nadir has here declared that whoever speaks first should also be given the right to speak last. Keep this in mind when arranging a debate with Nadir. If you go first, you also get to go last. Nuff said?


Kirk said...

I've listened to many of Dr. White's debates. If Nadir has even a chance, he'd better be able to speak first, middle, and last without James being able to speak at all! I know that Dr. White is less concerned with "scoring" a debate point here and there, and just being able to present the truth. When you have the truth on your side, you can afford to tie one hand behind your back.

Turretinfan said...

Giving the affirmative side of a debate the first and last speech is normally the compensation for the affirmative having the burden of proof.

IslamSINS said...

When "debating" Nadir, opponents on the level of White, Shamoun, Rafa-el, etc., can do it with their entire brains tied behind their backs.