Friday, June 8, 2007

Islam: Religion of Fear?

Muslims tell me their religion is true. They will shout in a crowd that God is great! I've been there when the flags were burned and the fists were shaken. I've seen the power of a mob. I've heard the quiet beliefs of an individual.

So....why then are they scared of letting Bibles into, say, Saudi Arabia? Or Iran? If they are so sure they are right and powerful, why be afraid?

Um Yaquub

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Muhtaramah said...

I am a Muslim women! You ask why? In my opinion, The muslim MEN want to be in control, keep control and want to take control. They inteprete verses to suite them and benefit only the Men of Islam. Fear? Yes there is Fear. OPPRESSION, yes that too. Not in dress code, but in every way imaginable....