Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Muhammad and the Poor Widows

Part 3

by Tara MacArthur
Continued from http://www.answeringmuslims.com/2017/11/muhammad-and-poor-widows_29.html.

Anas ibn Malik said, “The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number.” I asked Anas, “Had the Prophet the strength for it?” Anas replied, “We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty.” [Another narrator said] that Anas had told him about nine wives only.[1]

Early Muslims boasted about their Prophet’s sexual prowess without any fear that this behaviour might disgust anyone. Only in recent times have Muslim historians felt the need to explain Muhammad’s appetite for women in terms other than lust.

The rationale behind these marriages is clear. Many were performed to rehabilitate divorced and widowed women, especially widows of companions who had been killed in the early battles … Some were done as an act of compassion toward a conquered foe.[2]

We have already studied Muhammad’s first eleven marriages without discovering a single wife who was poor or unprotected. We also saw above that historians were confused about exactly how many wives he had. That is because he continued to acquire women for the rest of his life. We wonder if any of them were vulnerable or poor. Let us find out.

Muhammad’s twelfth wife was Maymuna, a widow of 36. She was living in Mecca under the protection of her brother-in-law, Abbas, a wealthy spice-merchant and banker. Maymuna apparently had some wealth of her own, for she brought at least three servants into her new home in Medina.[3]

Soon after this, Muhammad took Mariya, a household slave, as his concubine. Since she was a diplomatic gift from the Governor of Egypt, we can be certain that she was young and a virgin; and Aïsha was jealous of her beauty. Unlike Muhammad’s official wives, Mariya was poor. She possessed nothing of her own but was herself property. Nevertheless, her poverty does not explain why Muhammad made her a concubine. She lived in his household, receiving food and shelter at his expense, for over a year before he started sleeping with her. If she was performing domestic duties in exchange, there was no particular reason why she needed to add sex to her services.[4]

When Muhammad conquered Mecca in January 630, he married Mulayka, a pretty girl deemed “too young to know her mind”. Although her father had been killed in the battle, she had plenty of other relatives, including a cousin who wanted to marry her; so she was not in need.[5] 

In March he married the comely Fatima al-Aliya, who was his only Medinan wife. Her father worked in the Islamic army and civil service. He was certainly not a poor man, for he made Muhammad a present of Mantle, “the prettiest camel in the world”. It was after Muhammad divorced Fatima that she became poor. She set up a business collecting camel-dung, drying it in the sun and selling it as fuel.[6] If no pleasanter career was available, we know that neither her ex-husband nor her father was sharing his wealth with her.

In June or July Muhammad agreed to marry Asma, the daughter of a Bedouin nobleman who was anxious to avoid a war with Medina. Asma was a widow but she is described as “beautiful and youthful”. Her wealthy father hinted that he found Muhammad’s standard 400 dirhams a “stingy” dower; but he was obliged to accept that this was all his daughter would be paid.[7]

Later that year, Muhammad married Amra, who had been recently divorced from a teenager. Nothing is known about her family beyond the fact that she had some relatives living. Perhaps they were poor. Nevertheless, Muhammad failed to save Amra from destitution, for he divorced her on their wedding night.[8]

Muhammad also took another of his household slaves as his concubine. Tukana was a war-captive from the Qurayza tribe, so she was only a slave because Muhammad had enslaved her. He did not need to sleep with her in order to save her from poverty, for she had been living at his expense as a domestic maid for some time before he noticed her and called her to his bed.[9] Since a slave had no legal right to refuse her master’s advances,[10] Tukana might have felt more preyed-upon than protected. Before we ask why she needed to become Muhammad’s concubine in order to earn the right to eat, we should ask why Muhammad had needed to attack and destroy her tribe.

Muhammad acquired yet another concubine just one month before he died. Nafisa was given to him as a present. Nothing is known about her beyond the obvious fact that she was a slave.[11] Once again, we need to ask how Muhammad showed compassion and provision for his slaves by sleeping with them instead of setting them free or offering them honest labour.

Muhammad attempted to acquire even more wives than these, but the remainder of his marriages did not last long. He married a princess from Iraq, but she died on her journey to Medina. He then married her aunt in substitute, but she too died before Muhammad could meet her. He divorced one girl because she insulted him on the wedding day and another, sight unseen, when he became annoyed by her father’s boasting. A widow from Medina broke off their engagement before they had finalised the contract; and a newly-ransomed war-captive refused his proposal because she wanted to return to her husband. He accepted the proposal of an attractive widow living off a pension from Khaybar, then divorced her on the wedding day when he saw that she was “old” (although she was certainly younger than he was).[12] What all these brides had in common was social security. Not all were rich, but all had strong family connections and a source of income.

In April 632 Muhammad married Qutayla, a Jewish princess from Yemen. Two months later, she was still on her journey to Medina when she heard that she need not proceed, for Muhammad had just died. Qutayla and her brother immediately declared their apostasy from Islam and returned to Yemen with great joy. The Apostasy Wars had begun.[13]

Among all Muhammad’s wives, we have not found a single one who was poor or friendless. Though some endured considerable distress as a result of marrying him, not one married him as a relief from distress. Nor did he pretend otherwise. He chose women who were young and beautiful, with political or financial advantages being optional.

This is not news. In the words of the missionary-scholar William Gairdner, who worked among Muslims in Egypt:

It is high time that the ignorant or hypocritical statements of neo-Mohammedan writers, to the effect that all Mohammed’s marriage and demi-marriage connections were made for humanitarian or political (etc., etc.) reasons, and that the women in question were elderly or otherwise unattractive, should be put a stop to. These statements are becoming stereotyped among apologist writers both of the west and the east. But they are false; and they are made either ignorantly of falsely. … We hope we shall now hear no more of the neo-Moslem pretence.[14]

It is a hundred years since Gairdner hoped, yet the falsehoods are still being heard. Perhaps the internet will change that. Never before has it been so easy to spread the truth.

The story of Fatima al-Aliya has a happy ending. You can read more about her, as well as all the others, in my book Unveiled.

For my biography of Muhammad, see http://www.answeringmuslims.com/2018/09/tara-is-free.html.

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Betsy_Ross said...

A wonderful informational exposing of Muhammad's cult, so kudos to you and your meticulous research. Now, I'll wait to see if Muslims rush in to call their god and messenger liars so they can deny what you've said.

Betsy_Ross said...

A wonderful informational exposing of Muhammad's cult, so kudos to you and your meticulous research. Now, I'll wait to see if Muslims rush in to call their god and messenger liars so they can deny what you've said.

Unknown said...

First point
The Hadith which states by Anis ibn Malik
The prophet saw went around in turns to his wife's ,(summarized)9 or 11

One good thing because it shows he was acting according to Quran show equality to wife's .

Second point fulfillment of sexual desires is human nature just like food and drink .
But again he was acting according to the law of god by fulfilling the desire of sex with his wife's and concubine or slave

To say he is doing it for lust , is basic Jesuit Freemasonic Satanic deception

Why to do for lust is like what they do in Roman western catholic Europe and America
Where the go night club meet a woman she banged sideways then , get 5$ taxi home , and gone and forgotten ( this is called lust in the satanic Roman Western Europe way )

Now according to Islam we fulfill 3 majors purposes of sexual relations with wife's and concubine
One children
Two teaching of moral values according to the laws of god taught by scriptures
3 fulfill desire of lust in a channel which is acceptable in the sight of god , nikah or concubine ( milk ya meen) servant girls

Obviously not western definition on slave like what they done to Africa which was kidnap rape plunder and torture

And for western Roman Catholic nation to say this is disgusting

Quite frankly we don't give a shit you say it normal for man to have sexual inter course with another man and have a marriage certificate and you use white European women as tissue, use and discard
And bastard kids don't even know there fathers names

What you are twisting and saying really means nothing
Compared to western satanic. Culture

And king David had 99 wife's why don't you say anything about that in your bible

You hypocrites

Momin sodiq said...

we were blind as our ancestors. in the Qur'an it is written that the last prophet, will bring to mankind peace. but this did not happen during 1400 years. It did not happen during the lifetime of which is recognized as "the prophet. It is a disease. 1400 years ago, the devil has translated the Quran to his disciple in a completely different form. He was not a prophet. God is not allowed to kill their own kind. even protecting his family and religion. an example of the life of Moses and Abraham. He started a war that continues today. Humanity did not see Islam, yet ... in 1999 we warned the US Embassy in Tashkent and the UN. War was only in Afghanistan against the "Islamists". But they did not even want to listen. Now we see how the virus is spread all over the world. .The Qur'an is the biography of mankind from the beginning to the end. There are 3 books of God (Torah, Injil, Qur'an). The Torah and the Injil are in the hands of the ruling class. Books are kept secret from people. These books confirm the prophecies coming today. The level of European peoples is higher than others. 2017 years ago Jesus was born. today at this date, people live and work around the world. this is only a small thing, the remainder of the penultimate prophecy. Today, there is a person about whom the prophets foretold, Moses and Jesus. Our government gave him a document (predictor) in 1998. And invited to work on leadership. He refused to be part of the corruption. Now he is in a psychiatric hospital. It has a lot of facts is one of them, the body of the pharaoh. technology has evolved over the past 100-200 years, with God's permission in order to prove that what is written in the Book. And that time has come. only given to him by God to bring people out of darkness. our mission is only to warn you.

Unknown said...

As a Christian I kinda oddly agree with Quadeer. Old testament accounts do have Kings and Prophets with multiple wives and concubines and took women as booty of war. It was comonplace in that day and age as well as women marrying at a younger age. That was mainly due to the fact in those days women could not survive on their own and because of wars and women living longer it was necessary. What I disagree with Quadeer is he may not understand covenants. We as Christians are no longer under the old covenant which was specific to the children of Israel for. We are no longer under that law as we are under a new covenant as Jesus fulfilled the law. To me No matter married or not sexual desires come from fleshy desires which is lust. Jesus trampled not only death but sin itself to give us power over sin and look toward spiritual desires and not those of the flesh. In this day and age it is no longer necessary to marry more than one woman as women can now support themselves and life expectancy and ratio are more even. Also as an advanced society we see how it's harmful for young women to get married and have children. My biggest beef with Mohammed is that not only did he get special privileges to have more wives than any of his followers he also was supposed to be the best example to mankind for all to follow. I can't imagine today if you had a six year old daughter you would agree to Marry her to a 53year old man and be okay with him consumating the marriage @ the age of nine!

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